The Essanté Organics Story

Essanté Organics is a 4 time award-winning company. We've received the Business For Home Award for Best Company, Best CEO, Best Commission and Best Training. Yet the Essanté Organics story started with…


In 2009, Essanté Organics launched a special product line because of their passionate desire to help people in need; people who were demanding toxic-chemical free products, guaranteed not to harm consumers or the environment. 

Did you know, while getting ready in the morning, each person on average, unknowingly applies over 120 toxins before 9am?

If you're family is part of this average… the daily-use products you use do contain harmful toxins and carcinogens, that are proven to enter your skin, bloodstream and organs in seconds and they accumulate year after year.  We were further shocked to discover a nasty, hidden truth: The skin products industry is self-regulated and can legally use unsafe ingredients to boost their profits, even if those same ingredients harm their customers.   From pesticides to preservatives, Essanté Organics realized a global need for safe, organic, ToxicFree® products.  How is Essanté Organics and their team of Wellness Warriors doing it? By offering…


We have 3 questions for you: 

1.  Are your family's products (toothpaste, shampoo, laundry detergent, skin care, baby care, nutritional supplements, etc.) truly safe or not? 

2. If not, would you switch brands and order more convenient, cost effective products that are 100% certified ToxicFree®, organic and/or wild crafted, if they deliver superior results? 

3. And if you discover Essanté Organics products are the best you've ever experienced, would you want to refer others to superior, safer, more cost-effective products and be paid well for each referral?  

Our Essanté Executives receive a weekly commission every time their customer(s) take a shower or brush their teeth. Cool, right? And for those who don't refer… they STILL make a big impact on their own health and the well being of others.  The Essanté FOUNDATION donates proceeds from every purchase to charities that help children, adults and animals in need. You will make a difference just by switching brands and ordering Essanté Organics products. 

So, if you answered YES to any of these 3 questions, ask your Essanté Executive for a quick, free, independent 3rd party toxicity report on the 2 products you or your kids use most.  Just enter your contact information at the base of their homepage and they will supply you with a free toxicity report on those 2 products.  Seeing is believing.  Will your current products shock you? Will  they anger you? Will they score a zero (zero chemicals, 100% safe) or will they score a ten (lethally dangerous levels of neurotoxins and carcinogens)? If your free toxicity report disturbs you, order Essanté Organics products.  It's easy:  

You may order Essanté Organics products, made with ToxicFree®, organic and wild crafted ingredients at retail, wholesale or below wholesale:

RETAIL from your Essanté Executive's website (click the blue JOIN button to view). 

WHOLESALE from your own website $29.95 lifetime membership (click the blue JOIN button to view).  

BELOW WHOLESALE one-time-introductory offer, the only way to receive a lifetime website plus products at below wholesale (click the blue JOIN button to view).

PROCEEDS ARE DONATED no matter how you purchase. You will be giving back each time you place an order because The  ESSANTÉ FOUNDATION donates proceeds from purchases to charities that help children, adults and animals in need. Essanté Organics gives to and highlights at least 1 charity per month in their newsletter.  Opt in to the newsletter and smile, because you will see you made a difference, just by switching brands.   

And if you're looking to refer others to the Essanté Organics brand of products, consider a rewarding mission with a company that allows you to work from home and pays top dollar for…


The world is only going green once.  This massive global shift in economic spending is creating a high demand and we need your help.  The green economy is the next 4 trillion dollar industry, constituting the largest sector of business the world will experience to date.  Imagine the excitement of supplying a demand that is insatiable.  Now visualize suppling the largest sector of consumers, at the perfect time, by partnering with Essanté Organics, Business For Home's choice for best company, best CEO, best commissions and best training. When's the last time you worked with a 4-time award-winning company? When's the last time you were part of a powerful mission that makes a difference? Timing is a critical factor for success in business, and Essanté Organics is the first USA based company of its kind to supply 100% certified ToxicFree®, organic and wild crafted commodities (daily use products) on a global scale.  Join our team of Essanté Executives and you'll positioned perfectly. Couple these business factors with the industry, which ranks among the top income generating industries known, and you have an exciting, rewarding business from home that's more profitable than:

1.  THE NFL: $9 billion dollar industry

2.  VIDEO GAMING: $50 billion dollar industry 

3.  MUSIC: $70 billion dollar industry

4. MOVIES & ENTERTAINMENT: $110 billion dollar industry

5. ESSANTÉ ORGANICS' INDUSTRY: $114 billion dollar industry

So the Essanté Organics story includes a problem and a solution, on a global scale inside the ever-growing green economy.  But Essanté Organics' story doesn't stop there, it continues with exciting media coverage…


Essanté Organics products are advertised regularly on television and in magazines,  and the best part is they pass the orders and leads to their qualified Essanté Executives. 

Essanté Organics is ranked as the #1 publicized company in our industry, and the kicker is… they DON'T pay for it. Paid endorsements are a dime a dozen, yet Essanté Organics' media appearances have & continue to be unsolicited.  Advertisers ask Essanté Organics for the privilege to feature their products, without financial incentive, because their products are industry disruptive, exciting and deliver results. 

Mr. Michael Wenniger, CEO of Essanté Organics, has appeared in more television & print media than any other CEO in the direct sales industry. The media attention focused on Essanté Organics is due to the exceptional performance of their 100% certified Toxic Free®, organic & wild crafted products, including the 2004 patented flagship product, Power Pops, the only “Eat Candy & Lose Weight” lollipop. Over 30 million Power Pops have been sold to date. 

Essanté Organics has received media attention for their alkalizing pH balanced nutritional products, their gold-metal award-winning anti-aging ingredients, and more. This publicity lends powerful product & business credibility, plus a wealth of product orders to their field of qualified Essanté Executives, each time want-to-be-customers flood the corporate phone lines.  Essanté ORGANICS’ products have been featured:

IN MAGAZINES:  Elle, US Weekly, Star, Vogue & more.

ON TELEVISION:  Extra TV, Good Morning America, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Tyra Banks & more.

ON THE RED CARPET:  The Oscars, The Emmy’s, The Grammy’s, The Golden Globe & SAG Awards, The MTV Music Awards, The Country Music Awards & more. 

Essanté ORGANICS is home of, “z3: Hollywood’s Instant ToxicFree® Facelift In A Bottle”. The active ingredient, z3, is a revolutionary, gold-medal-award-winning, patented tri-peptide, composed of organic stem cells.  Z3 is clinically proven to repair DNA, generate 17 times more collagen and elastin, erase wrinkles, remove dark circles, lift sagging skin and stop eye puffiness. This product, used by the hollywood stars ,and has been featured at dozens of Red Carpet Events.    

The unprecedented, unsolicited publicity Essanté Organics continues to receive has given them the illustrious status of being featured in the media more than any other company in history of our industry. Why? Because Essanté Organics bases everything they do on one simple solution – they insure everyone around the world can LIVE FREE.  CHEMICAL FREE.  FINANCIALLY FREE. 

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