In your 1st 30 days in business:

  1. Print the $500 Express Start Gold Bonus Form (below).
  2. Personally enroll 4 NEW Executives in your 1st 30 days in business.
  3. Help all 4 of your NEW Personally enrolled Executives each enroll 2 Executives of their own, one on their left team and one on their right team.
  4. Ensure that you, all 4 of your NEW personally enrolled Executives, and each of their 2 personally enrolled Executives are on an active order of 75 points (or more) for 3 months. Track everyone’s orders on the form & turn the completed form into corporate. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

New Executives, you have 30 days from your join date to achieve this bonus. For example, if you join on December 31 you have until January 31 to achieve the above. Track everyone’s order for 3 months, and then turn the completed form into corporate. For example, if everyone on your form enrolls in December, you’d turn your completed form in sometime in March. Corporate will review everyone’s 3 months of 75-point orders & send you your $500 bonus.