Meet the Corporate Team

Meet Angie Levine

Meet Angie Levine

“I am not surprised Angie Levine has assisted two companies to win several global business awards. I’d work with her again anytime.”
- Bill Farley, CEO of Christian Dior, Fruit of the Loom, BVD

“I knew if I could harness Angie’s iconic business acumen it would result in a branding and culture genesis for my company. In less than two years she gained us the prestigious title of Business For Home Top Companies In The World… and we’ve won again and again.”
- Michael Wenniger, CEO of Essante Organics

"When I have a lunch conversation with Angie, she innately drops marketing-gold-nuggets worth five to twenty-five thousand dollars a drop, every time. OED should create a new word to describe her exemplary marketing brain."
- Williams & Sane, Authors of 2 bestseller books: Buyer Centered Selling, The Sellers Challenge

Angie Bolender Levine studied communications and marketing at FSU and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has opened on stage for world-famous results coach, Tony Robbins, and is featured on video with Oprah Winfrey. Angie teaches audiences of thousands to become experts in marketing, web and print design, branding, and operations. She is a unique, referral-only Chief Marketing Officer for start-up, national, and international companies. She selects companies and people she’s passionate about working with. Angie causes profit and followers to increase and stress to decrease by delivering fast-track, magnetically attractive marketing, and user-friendly processes. Three of her hallmarks are award-winning design, next-level NLP, and powerful CTAs. Angie has dedicated decades to her passion and her incomparable multimedia marketing assets are often emulated. Her direct honesty, positive mindset, and high-gear drive are behind the lofty benchmarks she sets and achieves for the companies she partners with.

Angie shares, “There’s a determination inside of me that insists on putting deserving companies and people on the map; many should be award-winning, top-earning companies… so I help them get there. I’m attracted to the challenge of establishing strong branding and processes that move a company from good to great. I do what I do because I feel purposeful in supporting companies that positively benefit and change the USA and world. We are all one, and it's important we make and leave a positive imprint on our beautiful earth.”

Meet the Corporate Team
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