How Post A Classified Ad & Host A Group Interview Appointment:

  • Choose 1 day a week, for example, Tuesdays at noon or 6pm, to host a Classified Ad Group Interview Appointment
  • Noon or 6pm is recommended because ad applicants can always attend a group interview during their lunch break or after work
  • Choose the classiest resort nearest to your home, a quick, convenient, free location for you (the host & presenter)   
  • Locate the quietest seating nook (sofa / coffee table / wingback chairs) in the resort's lobby
  • The seating nook should be far from foot traffic & noise (this is your FREE meeting space, easy for teammates to duplicate)
  • Resorts are happy you're there because you're bringing them potential food, beverage & overnight stay business
  • Applicants & guests are excited to arrive at a classy resort, the destination is reason enough to not cancel their interview appointment 
  • Ad applicants (people who answer your classified ad) & personal guests are welcome at all group interviews
  • Ask all ad applicants & guests to wear business to business casual attire, resumes are welcome yet not necessary
  • Ask all ad applicants & guests to meet at the reception desk, 15 minutes early, so you may meet then bring them to the seating nook 
  • Ad applicants/guests even 1 minute late are asked to reschedule (you'll have an Appointment Form on applicants invited by others)
  • As the Presenter, you are the best dressed of all (suit & cufflinks), because attendees are looking at a 6 to 7 figure income potential
  • As the Presenter, you provide the easy, 3 part presentation (the last chapter of the FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book)
  • If you stop your recurring calendar event please remove it from the calendar 
  • Get your FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book at:  (Pre-written classifed ads, Appointment Forms, and the easy group interview outline and presentation are in the book) 

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