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Meet Daniel Wenniger

Meet Daniel Wenniger

with a history of success

Born in Wisconsin, Mr. Daniel Wenniger grew up with his brother, Michael Wenniger, on their family's farm. At age 5 he began playing the drums and within 6 months surpassed his drumming coach's talent.  Having found a natural, God given gift, by age 7 he was performing live with his family's band.  In the 80's the Wenniger Brother's band, Foxx, opened for Cheap Trick.  

Daniel attended WCTC College of Technology in Wisconsin, where he earned his degree in Business and Marketing.  These degrees would serve him well.

Danny's first business venture was with network marketing, while in his teens.  Danny and Michael both said yes to a fledgling company that, unbeknown to them, would soon become a billion dollar global leader in the direct sales industry. During that company's momentum phase, both Danny and Michael, spoke to 200 people and 35 said "yes" to joining their team.  The Wenniger brother's team grew from 35 to 75,000 distributors in a few short years, making the Wenniger brothers the first multi-million dollar earners in their working class family.  

Daniel Wenniger parlayed his multi-millions into several diverse businesses including residential and commercial properties, land acquisitions, car dealerships and limousine businesses.  

Danny's drumming career took it's toll and resulted in damage to his eardrums. Yet he turned his unfortunate hearing condition, tinnitus, into an entrepreneurial win. Daniel became the impassioned owner and developer of "The Tackler", the world's first ear-bud noise masking device.  His patented device helps individuals with severe and constant ringing in the ears to sleep, concentrate at work and function normally, by emitting static white noise.  

In 2009, Daniel Wenniger began his career as Essanté Organics' CCO, Chief Communications Officer.  He assists the field with presentations and training. Danny spearheaded the Fundraising division of Essanté Organics, and to date is responsible for assisting 1000's of Wellness Warriors (Essanté Executives) to enjoy easier, more profitable fundraisers.   

Today, Mr. Daniel Wenniger has a proven track record of success.  He has 3 decades of experience under his belt in the network marketing, real estate, and wellness industries. He enjoys the direct sales industry because of the connections people make.  He has a strong belief in the Essanté Organics product line because they are daily-use products that people need and the 100% certified Toxic Free ™, organic and wild crafted ingredients deliver true health benefits.  

Essanté Organics is the first USA based direct sales company to offer 100% chemical free commodities (daily use products) on a global scale. Danny is passionate about helping everyone to “Live free, chemical free, financially free”.

When Danny is off the clock he can be found on the lake where he's known to all as an avid and award winning fisherman.  

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