Guarantee & Green Seals

From farming and distilling to testing and certifying, this page shares it all, including how to verify our organic products (refer to the USDA Organic Seal).  Essanté Organics' holds the highest sourcing, selection, testing and certifying standards. We promote the use of 3rd party certified, raw, organic, wildcrafted, non-GMO, ToxicFree®, and alkaline ingredients obtained through ecologically sound harvesting. Our products do not harm people, animals or the planet. If an ingredient does not pass our strict toxic free criteria, at any stage, from the agricultural level to the final inspection process, it is rejected.  The end result is a superiorly pure, safe and highly effective product guaranteed to work better than any other product you've used in the past; products you'll be compelled to use and share with others, because not to use and share the health and ecological benefits would cause harm:


Directions: Essanté Organics offers a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your toxic free and organic product allow us to make it right. Please email us your ID# and your Order # within 30 days of receiving your product to Our support team will respond within 48 business hours. They will assign a RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization #) which is required for all returns to ensure ongoing quality control. Return shipping fees and a 15% processing fee apply to all returns and the $29.95 lifetime website fee is not refundable. 

Essanté Organics offers certified USDA Organic ingredients and products. Here's how to verify our organic products: For example, we offer  USDA Organic essential oils, USDA Organic lip balms, USDA Organic hairspray, USDA Organic deodorant, USDA Organic vegan protein shakes, USDA Organic soaps, USDA Organic bug spray and repellent, and more. Most organic certifications are issued per ingredient - organic ingredient certifiations are on file. Many of our complete products are certified organic - the organic certifying agent is legally listed on the back of each product label. The USDA NOP (United States Department of Agraculture National Organic Program®) uses over 90 certifying agencies to regulate all certified organic products and each agency has Essante Organics labels on file. To verify any certified organic product's authenticity: email the label to the organic certifying agent listed on the back of the label. The organic certifying agency listed will confirm via email that Essanté Organics is in full compliance with all USDA Organic labeling laws and that the product meets all USDA Organic standards. For example Baystate Organic Certifiers® has our organic Don't Bug Me! Bug Spray & Repellent label on file. DPI Clemson University® has our organic pHreshen Up Deodorant label on file and our organic Selfie Style Hairspray label on file. Vermont Organic Farmers® has our Body Bar labels on file. Oregon Tilth® has our organic Lip Balm labels on file. Organic Certifiers® or Baystate Organic Certifiers®has all of our single Essential Oil and Carrier Oil labels on file, etc. To view the individual certified organic ingredients used in other Essanté Organics products, see the ingredients listed on the ingredient deck of each product package. Ask questions. If a company claims their product is organic, or better than organic, yet their is no USDA NOP approved certifier listed on the label, ask them why not? Ask them to email their label to one of the 90 authorized certifying agencies to gain proof; to gain an organic certification. A 3rd party organic certifier ensures the company's honesty and your health. 

Essanté Organics follows strict organic ingredient labeling laws. When space permits, each product's ingredient label will state the word "organic" preceding each certified organic ingredient.  When label space is limited the ingredient label will show an * next to each certified organic ingredient. Ingredients without an * or the word "organic" are wildcrafted ingredients which are also 100% free from toxins and GMO's (see Wildcrafted below).  Be cautious of companies which "self certify", because no validation process is in place to authenticate their word. Ask questions. If a company does not have an external organic certifier yet claims their product is organic, or better than organic, ask them to email their label to one of the USDA NOP's 90 certifying agents, a 3rd party that certifies the company's honesty and your health. 

Essanté Organics is proud to offer certified ToxicFree® products. We are one of less than 10 companies in the world to receive the prestigious Toxic Free Foundation® seal (TFF).  The TFF is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing companies who promote organic ingredients in personal care products and who educate the public about toxic product ingredients, their ability to penetrate the skin/systems and accumulate in the body, and their transference into the environment where they continue to cause toxic consequences. The TFF tests and certifies personal care products that are 100% free from toxins. Essanté Organics' ingredients do not contain harmful toxins of any kind. 

Essanté Organics does not accept or use GMO ingredients (Genetically Modified Organisms).  There are no long term studies to indicate the safety or efficacy of GMOs. 

Essanté Organics trademark is Leaves Green Footprint®.  Essanté Organics is an eco-friendly company.  We use ecologically responsible farming and harvesting practices (see below). All ingredients are 100% free of harmful toxins.  The majority of our corporate systems are paperless and we recycle. Our products are packaged in safe containers made of glass or metal or recyclable, BPA-free and DEA-free (no Diethanolamine), #1 or #2 plastic.  Our shipping department uses 100% biodegradable packing peanuts that dissolve in water.  Kids love to put our peanuts in the bathtub and watch them disappear! And the majority of our marketing materials are made with recycled paper.  We are committed to leaving less landfill mass and more blazing trails of green footprints!

The Essanté Foundation. You can make a difference just by changing brands. Proceeds from every Essanté Organics purchase go to honorable charities that support our environment and help people in need. Because of you, the Essanté Foundation provides monthly, life-changing donations. It feels good to make a difference. You are automatically philanthropic each time you shop. Essanté Organics is able to give back because you make it possible. Together we're making great things happen for the needy and for our environment.

Essanté Organics is proud to source our organic palm oil from Agropalma® in Brazil, because this is the only palm oil to hold the Greenpeace® Award for commitment to preserving forestation and protecting animals. Greenpeace® awards Essanté Organics' Agropalma® Palm Oil as the best palm oil in the world, based on global CPO (Crude Palm Oil) production, natural forest conservation and protection, full peatland protection, animal preservation, and percentage of certified RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil) produced. Other palm oils sourced from Indonesia's rain forests, are often less expensive and less reputable because they are typically cultivated improperly, without care for the animals that are losing their lives due to their land being cultivated without sustainability. Indonesia's rainforests are habitat to endangered species like the Sumatran tiger and Sumatran orangutan.  Plus, millions of poor rural natives depend on Indonesia's forests for their livelihood.  For decades Indonesia's forests have been logged-over, "degraded" and turned into "secondary" plantations. Essanté Organics stands against all degrading practices, and all inappropriate treatment of animals, therefore Essanté Organics only uses organic Agropalma® palm oil from Brazil.  

Essanté Organics supports wildcrafting.  Wiildcrafters operate differently from organic farmers.  They do not commercially farm their botanicals.  This means they do not commercially irrigate, fertilize, spray or till their pure, indigenous lands.  Instead, they allow nature to feed and grow their untouched botanicals in the wild.  Non-irrigation and non-fertilization causes the plants root's to grow deeper, seeking out water tables and nutrients that naturally occur in the rich, pesticide free, indigenous soil. The deep root structures of wildcrafted plants can intake more vitamins and minerals, resulting in an ingredient that is more nutrient dense. For this reason, wildcrafting can often produce hardier, more nutrient dense, toxic free ingredients. 

The picking process is beautiful too. Wildcrafting is the sustainable practice of respectfully harvesting uncultivated plants and natural resources from their natural wild habitat for medicinal purposes. Only the wild untouched fruits, flowers, branches, honey, etc. are harvested, leaving living plants and hives intact so they many continue to offer their bounty gain, and again.  If it is necessary to harvest a full plant, organic seeds are planted in the empty hole from which the plant is removed. 

Wildcrafters ethically employ many working age people in their local village, thus creating an economy that helps the people of the village live better lives.  

Essanté Organics abides by all ethical wildcrafting criteria including: protecting all endangered and indigenous species (both animal and plant), positively identifying the plant, collecting at the proper time of day and growing phase, never "ringing" trees if borrowing bark, never collecting more than 15% of the species in any given area, never collecting more than will be used, leaving the area undisturbed without damaging other plants or the earth, always leaving the youngest and oldest plants to ensure sustainability, never collecting in areas near or downstream from pesticide use or livestock, testing for zero toxins, and immediately processing the complete harvest.

Essanté Organics does not use herbicides, insecticides or pesticides.  These hazardous chemicals are scientifically proven to cause cumulative and serious environmental harm, and transfer from the crop to the consumer causing disease. Did you know ladybugs are used as a natural pesticide? They eat the critters that eat crops and are what we like to call a biological defense system.

Essanté Organics does not test on animals.  We test our products on The President of Essanté Organics, Dr. J.J. Levine, D.C.  He’s ok with that. In addition, our farming, sourcing and selection methods ensure all plant and animal habitats remain undisturbed.  In addition, Essanté Organics ensures what is borrowed from the earth is replenished organically so the animals, with whom we share our planet, can enjoy a healthy environment.  

BPA Free. BPA (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical, banned by Essanté Organics yet used since the 1960s, to make certain plastic containers and epoxy resins. Plastics are often used in food packaging containers, water bottles, and consumer goods including body care, home care and even baby products. While the FDA says it is safe, research shows BPA can seep into our food, beverages and daily use products from containers made with BPA. Studies show BPA may have several adverse health effects on the body, from the brain to the prostrate. Additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) reports human exposure to BPA is widespread. The 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found detectable levels of BPA in 93% of 2517 urine samples from people six years and older. The NIH indicates parents may be more concerned because some animal studies suggest infants and children may be the most vulnerable to the effects of BPA. For these reasons, all Essanté Organics containers are BPA free.

Essanté Organics promotes alkaline, pH balanced products.  If a fish is in water that is not pH balanced he will become sickly or die.  The same is true for all organic matter, including the human body.  The National Institute of Health states, "Maintaining a proper pH level is vital to health".  It's important to remove acidity from the body and become more alkaline or pH balanced. Disease tends to thrive in acidic environment and has a difficult time growing in an alkaline environment. Perfect pH for humans is 7.365.  Use our test strips to test your pH level, and enjoy our pH balanced nutrition and personal care products. 

Essanté Organics products do not contain gluten or wheat.  Gluten is a protein in wheat that damages the lining of the gut. The consumption of gluten or wheat can cause adverse reactions including vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, stomach cramps, sneezing, runny nose, shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, lung conditions and skin conditions.

Essanté Organics products do not contain soy protein.  Soy is a cheaper, less healthy form of protein.  It is created when soy beans are processed into soy protein powder. The isoflavones present in soy act like estrogen and can feed cancer cells as well as cause hormone disruption, abnormal tissue growth, allergies, asthma, an under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and weight gain. For these reasons, every pH Nutrition product is soy free.

Essanté Organics products do not contain whey protein. Whey is a cheaper, less healthy form of protein.  It is the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when processing cheese.  Whey can cause nausea, thirst, bloating, abdominal cramping, fatigue, weight gain, and head pain.

Essanté Organics products do not contain eggs, lactose or dairy.  About 1/3 of the fat in eggs is saturated fat and they contain trace amounts of trans fat which can raise blood pressure, raise bad LDL cholesterol and lower good HDL cholesterol.  Essanté Organics products do not contain lactose.  Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products. Lactose intolerance develops when the small intestine does not produce enough of the enzyme lactase, which is necessary to digest lactose.  Lactose can cause skin, gastric and digestive disorders.  Essanté Organics products do not contain dairy.  Humans are the only mammals, after being weaned, that continue to consume milk. They are the only mammals that consume milk from another species.  Dairy can cause skin, gastric, and digestive disorders.

Essanté Organics products do not contain shellfish.  Shellfish are not permitted inside our formulation facilities.  

Essanté Organics products contain stevia instead of sugar for sweetness (with the exception of Power Pops and Kids pops which are sweetened with 2 grams of raw, unprocessed, non-gmo, brown, cane sugar). Our patented Stevia process allows it to be completely tasteless, we guarantee it.  Stevia is a small plant from the sunflower family.  The leaves are a zero-calorie sweetener source considered healthier and sweeter than sugar (sucrose).  Studies show stevia can be beneficial as an anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-glycemic, anti-hypertensive, anti-aging ingredient.  It may help with high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, indigestion, heartburn, weight loss, immunity, healing, concentration, oral health, hair growth, bone strength and withdrawal from alcohol & tobacco. We do not condone the use of synthetic sweeteners.

Essanté Organics products are Low GI (Glycemic Index).  We use ingredients that support healthy blood sugar levels.

Essanté Organics products do not contain added salt. 

Essanté Organics products do not contain antibiotics or added growth hormones.  Antibiotics found in our non-organic soil and food sources have elicited serious concern about yeast growth and antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance in humans.  We have therapeutic essential oils that can support wound recovery as well as help with reclaiming healthy yeast production.  Growth hormones cause salmon to grow to market-size twice as fast as normal, dairy cows to produce 15% more milk, and beef cattle to grow 20% faster. These animals contain high levels of toxic, artificial sex and/or growth hormones that are transferred to the consumer and can cause hormone disruption, early puberty and cancer. 

Most Essanté Organics products are vegan and contain the highest quality vegan proteins on earth, including organic, non-GMO sprouted brown rice protein and yellow pea protein. All Essanté Organics products are vegan with the following exceptions: Certain capsules (which contain gelatin), Bee Natural (which contains bee pollen and honey), Lip Balms (which contain beeswax), and Citrus Body Butter (which contains beeswax).  

Essanté Organics follows strict organic ingredient labeling laws. When space permits, each product's ingredient label will state the word "organic" preceding each certified organic ingredient.  When label space is limited the ingredient label will show an * next to each certified organic ingredient. Ingredients without an * or the word "organic" are wildcrafted ingredients which are also 100% free from toxins and GMO's (see below).    

Farming practices: Essanté Organics supports organic, sustainable, no-till, certified farming. in addition to the wildcrafting practices (above), we support no-till organic farming; a way of sustainably growing crops without disturbing the soil through tillage. No-till farming increases the retention of nutrients, water and organic matter within the soil, while decreasing airborne dust and damaging greenhouse gases. It is known for reducing or eliminating soil erosion, improving global cooling and the soil’s biological fertility.  No-till farming allows our farmers to be more efficient while leaving a greener footprint. Studies show no-till farming is not only eco-friendly, it can be more profitable too, by reducing labor, fuel, irrigation and machinery costs (so spread the word). We also partner with farms which harvest during proper seasons and at the proper time of day (see wildcrafting above and distillation below).  Whenever possible, Essanté Organics chooses to partner with farms which practice no-till farming. 

Companies which produce an extensive line of toxic free product, as Essanté Organics does, are unable to procure, develop, operate and 3rd party certify the thousands of organic farm acres, in the crop's indigenous lands, required to produce the hundreds of certified organic ingredients used throughout their product line.  Essanté Organics chooses to select and partner with certified organic farms where crops are organically grown in their indigenous area.  Essanté Organics selects farmers who create jobs in their communities and who are experts in their craft. 

Essanté Organics is a global expert in toxic free product formulation and distribution; and part of that process includes the expert, sustainable, sourcing and selecting farms that produce ingredients which are authenticated by 3rd party organic certifiers. For example, Essanté Organics ingredients are certified organic, wildcrafted, pesticide-free, or select farmed. Essanté Organics sources and selects organic ingredients by partnering with over 300 of the finest organic farmers, as well as wildcrafters, in the world; land owners who are committed to: 

  • Continuing education in toxic free & eco friendly cultivation methods
  • Continuing education in sustainable, non-GMO land & plant cultivation 
  • Continuing education in harvesting: including correct season & time of day
  • Continuing education in distilling time: correct time duration to distill each plant
  • Continuing education in distilling temperatures: excessive heat is never used
  • Never denaturing, reconstituting or adding anything to the raw ingredient
  • Practicing all of the above without child or slave labor & without animal testing
  • Taking only what is needed from  and replenishing the lands & plants
  • Having their land annually tested and certified by a 3rd party certifier 
  • Only offering product batches that pass 3rd party testing and are certified
  • Only offering essential oil batches that pass Gas Spectrometer testing
  • Legally discarding each batch that does not pass 3rd party testing
  • Allowing Essanté Organics to inspect land, harvests & distilleries at any time
  • Remaining experts in their field of organic and/or wildcrafting 

Some companies state they "visit their farms and distilleries to observe the herbs are organically grown" yet physically visiting and looking at a farm and its distillery does not guarantee the ingredient is truly organic. Essanté Organics sources ingredients from certified organic farms or from wildcrafters whose land is tested annually, by 3rd party experts; experts who guarantee and certify the land, every harvest, and each end ingredient batch is 100% free from toxins.  This 3rd party certification process is the only way to guarantee the ingredient is free from all toxic fertilizers, pesticides, chemical fillers and solvents. This means Essanté Organics products, including their essential oils, are genuinely good for you, good for farmers, good for animals, good for the indigenous communities and good for the earth. 

Ask questions. If a company states, "Our USA farm has been organic for 50 years", until one of the USDA NOP certifying agencies test and certify their land (and each ingredient batch from that land) their claim is not supported or proven by evidence.  If their farms are truly organic, it is simple for an honest organic farm to become a certified organic farm. The world needs more of these farms. Here is the certification process for each USDA Organic farm Essanté Organics is partnered with:

Essanté Organics does not use chemicals, solvents, preservatives, synthetics, artificial colors, artificial flavors or fillers of any kind. We do not use toxic chemicals because your body cannot process them.  They can accumulate and cause hormone disruption, neurotoxicity and fatal diseases.  Essanté Organics ensures everyone will "Enjoy The Good" and "Avoid The Bad" by using toxic free ingredients.  A company's moral fabric is measured by one thing: their ingredient deck.  

Essanté Organics does not pasteurize or flash pasteurize ingredients nor do they use high heat to produce nutrition products or essential oils. Processes which require excessive heat are proven to degrade the nutrient value, enzyme content and efficacy of ingredients. For these reasons, Essanté Organics does not pasteurize, flash pasteurize or use high heat to create any nutrition product or essential oil. First let's disucss our nutrition methods, then let's discuss essential oils.

pH Nutrition Products:
Essante Organics uses the same methods as Native Americans to dry the leafy greens in Earth Greens and the fruits in Super Reds.  Leafy ingredients are loosley bunched, covered with sterile cheesecloth or mesh, and hung from the ceiling.  To dry thicker fruit and vegetable ingredients sterile streched cheesecloth or mesh is affixed between mooring points and used to dry paper-thin sliced fruits or vegetables; this method ensures space is left between each slice for gentle, warm air to move through.  Leaves, herbs, flowers, and ultra thin slices of fruits and vegetables do not require high heat to dehydrate them.  While these pure methods take longer, they are necessary to deliver superiorly bioavailable product ingredients (ingredients scientifically containing the greatest nutrient and enzyme content).

Essential Oils:
We take just as much care when creating our essentail oils too, by employing superior distillation methods. It's important to differentiate between Essanté Organics therapeutic essential oils vs. other essential oils taken by mouth. Any oil stating it can be consumed, by FDA law, must be high heat distilled 3 times, making it a food grade flavoring, yet this process depletes most of the nutrient value. Essanté Organics does not condone high heat redistilling because this over-processing method is proven to degrade the therapeutic benefit of the oil.  A company that offers true therapeutic essential oils, that are not ultra high heat pasteurized, cannot legally state "for consumption", as they can be in violation of FDA law.  Essanté Organics follows science: it is proven that our pure, uncut, undiluted, USDA Organic therapeutic essential oils are superiorly effective and deliver greater therapeutic benefit when diffused (or applied to the skin with a carrier oil). There are no scientific studies validating the consumption of high heat redistilled essential oils also known as food grade flavorings.  See our distilling methods below for details.

Essanté Organics' master distillers cold press or use low pressure and low temperature vertical steam distillation to distill all ingredients and all essential oils with pristine purified water.  This ancient proven method uses steam to open the cellular oil membrane pockets of organically grown, freshly harvested plant material.  This method is the best way to produce the finest essential oils in the world because it is proven to protect the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil.  This method also ensures no overheating occurs. Expert attention is given to many factors including: Plant selection - only plants harvested during the proper season and at the proper time of day are selected. pH balance - only pH balanced plants are selected. The window of time between harvest and distillation -  distillation occurs immediately for plants with therapeutic compounds at optimal levels. Other plants are sun dried up to 3 hours to allow them to generate the maximum therapeutic compounds. Temperature and duration of distilling - excessive heat is prohibited and distillation times are measured to maintain each oil's therapeutic compounds.  These practices ensure the potency and efficacy of each certified organic essential oil. Our ingredients are sourced from their indigenous global region, to ensure the highest efficacy and potency possible. During distillation Essanté Organics' expert distillers use the highest quality glass retorts (steaming chambers) and stainless steel retorts that come to a peak and push the steam and oil up vertically. Other metals, including copper and aluminum are not used, because they can degrade the therapeutic value of essential oils. Essanté Organics uses cold pressed extraction or vertical steam distillation, depending on which method is best to capture each unique essential oil:

1. Cold Pressing: The plant's organic peel or seeds are pressed to extract its essential oil. Jojoba and most citrus essential oils are extracting this way.   

2. Steam Distillation: The organic plant material is suspended above purified hot water. The steam from the hot water rises through the plant material, opening the oil membranes of the plant.  The oil from the organic plant material and the steam rise together are are pushed up to the peaked roof of the retort (the steaming chamber) through a tube at the top.  The oily steam is captured and quickly cooled with cold purified water. The cooling causes the steam to turn back into water. The water and the oil separate and the organic essential oil is collected.  Cedarwood Atlas and Lavender are distilled in this way. 

Essanté Organics never permits the re-distilling of plant material (some companies re-distill the same plant material up to 4 times producing weak ineffective oil). Essanté Organics never uses high heat, nor do they triple heat pasteurize their essential oils (this is required to turn therapeutic oils into consumable food-grade oils – you cannot have both per the FDA).  If you see an essential oil that is marked for consumption, per the FDA, it has been triple heat pasteurized (or the company can be in violation of FDA law).

Essanté Organics pH nutrition products do not contain nuts, yet some skin products do.  Nuts are not permitted inside our nutrition production facility. However, some topical anti-aging products (including z3 Hollywood's Instant Organic* Facelift) do contain organic almond extract*, etc. because of its proven, superior, instant, cumulative anti-aging results. Our skin care formulation facility is separate from our nutrition formulation facility. *Please read all labels for organic ingredients and nut extracts. 

Essanté Organics products are heart healthy.  They do not contain cholesterol, trans fat or saturated fat (bad fats) which can elevate blood pressure and cause heart disease. 

Essanté Organics uses raw, whole food ingredients which are nutrient dense.  Our ingredients are raw, in the sense we do not use heat during the formulation of our pH Nutrition products.  Our ingredients come from whole foods, thus ensuring maximum absorption, co-factoring, high and dense nutrient content, and superior health benefits. 

Essanté Organics products contain vitamins, high frequency minerals, and amino acids, thus supporting healthy: exterior anti-aging, interior anti-aging, immunity, energy, stamina, endurance, libido, hormone support, blood sugar levels, nervous system function, organ function, gland function, muscle recovery and maintenance, bone growth and maintenance, metabolism, detoxification, stress relief, therapeutic benefits and clinical results.

Essanté Organics products score the highest ORAC values (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) because all of our pH Nutrition products are never degraded with heat processing of any kind.  Thus our products contain a wide array of dense nutrition from super fruits and super vegetables (scientific terms for fruits and vegetables with measurably superior antioxidant levels). A 2008 Boston, MA Tufts University study, by the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging concluded "Consuming between 3500-5000 ORAC units a day creates a significant impact on plasma and tissue antioxidant capacity". For example, our Super Reds Powder holds an ORAC score of 167,000.  

Essanté Organics uses only high quality fiber sources.  Fiber sources should not come from cheap toxic fillers.  Essanté Organics strictly uses fiber sources from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes which can regulate elimination, maintain healthy weight and lower the risk of both diabetes and heart disease.

Essanté Organics ingredients, including pure, uncut USDA organic therapeutic essential oils, fruit and vegetable extracts, and toxic free surfactants are extracted or created in only 1 of 3 ways: They are cold pressed, or low-temperature vertical steam distilled, or created using non-toxic aids. And each ingredient is tested using specialized equipment.  Essanté Organics ensures testing at the soil, plant, harvest, distillation, end transport, and final completed product inspection stage. When the product reaches the final stage of production, by law, it is micro tested and must pass micro testing before it is poured into our glass bottles or squeeze tubes.  

Micro testing includes:

  1. Chemistry analysis testing: to detect moisture, fat, pH salt, minerals, sugar, contaminants, additives, solvents and more. 
  2. Microbiology analysis testing: to detect Lactobacillus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Listeria, E. Coli and more are not present.
  3. Allergen analysis testing: to detect gluten, peanuts, egg, soy and more are not present. 
  4. Toxin analysis and quality control testing: to detect toxins, GMOs, wheat adulteration and more. 
  5. Shelf life testing: Testing used to measure the sustainability and shelf life of each product. Essanté Organics ensures a 2-year shelf life on each product. 
  6. Therapeutic compound analysis: Testing used to detect the levels of each therapeutic compound inside each organic essential oil and each product ingredient by way of Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS); using a gas Chromatographic Spectrometer. This testing equipment ensures all ingredients within each product are supplied at the clinical dosage. This testing also ensures each essential oil contains all of its therapeutic compounds and properties at the highest levels possible after it is distilled.   
  7. Ingredients which are fruits, vegetables, essential oils, or vitamins are cold pressed or low-temperature vertical steam distilled, based on what yields the most therapeutic, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, bioavailable ingredient. For example Bergamot and Grapefruit (and other fruits and essential oils from other fruits) must be cold pressed. Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Tea Tree (and other ingredients and essential oils from flowers, leaves and wood) must be steam distilled. Tocopherol (Vitamin E), an important antioxidant which also helps prolong shelf life, is cold pressed from only the healthiest of the 8 different plant oils it comes from, olive oil and sunflower oil. Essante Organics does not permit tocopherol from what many believe are inferior sources including corn, soy, or wheat.
  8. Ingredients which are not fruits, vegetables, essential oils, or vitamins are called toxic free surfactants. Only certified toxic free surfatants including Sodium Cocoyl Isethinoate (Coconut Derived), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Coconut Derived), Ceteraryl Olivate (Olive Derived), Xylitol (Plant Derived), etc. To produce toxic free surfactants non-toxic aids must be used.  For example, organic compounds or toxic free solutions including filtered water or organic alcohol are used to create toxic free surfactants. Hexane (formaldehyde) and all other toxic aids are strictly prohibited and are not used as aids during the creation of any ingredient. The grain alcohol, including the organic rice grain alcohol in Selfie Style USDA Organic Hairspray, comes from natural fermentation, steam distillation, and is denatured with organic orange.  Denatured means the organic rice alcohol is made to "taste badly" to discourage individuals from consuming products made with organic alcohol.

"Consumable" and "therapeutic grade":

  1. Per the FDA essential oils marked for consumption, by law, are triple heat pasteurized: If you see an essential oil, from a different company, that is being marketed for consumption, per FDA law, it has been triple high heat pasteurized, making it a simple food flavoring oil.  Otherwise the company is in violation of FDA law. High heat pasteurizing is proven to degrade the essential oil and it holds little to no therapeutic value.  For this reason, Essanté Organics does not offer high heat pasteurized, consumable essential oils. 
  2. Therapeutic Grade is not an essential oil term: There is no governing agency that certifies essential oils as being "therapeutic grade". It is a term invented by a different essential oil company for marketing vs. validation purposes. 

Testing equipment includes: 

  1. Gas Chromatographic Spectrometer: This specialized machine and testing equipment measures the composition of each essential oil: the therapeutic compounds within the oil. This test ensures each compound is at the exact level required to deliver true therapeutic benefit to Essanté Organics' customers. This equipment is also used to quantify every Essanté Organics ingredient, to ensure each is delivered at the clinical dosage level. 
  2. Additional Spectrometers: Analytical instruments used to identify the characteristics of a material by measuring the emissions and absorption of electromagnetic spectra. 
  3. Refractometers: A refractometer determines the refractive index of a liquid, gel, or solid product by measuring the angle of refracting light as it passes thought the material. Salinity and support content are just a few properties that can then be calculated.  Refractometers are used in many industries including: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and gemology. Refractometers are often applied to maintain quality control of raw, intermediate and final products. 
  4. Titration equipment: Titration is used to determine the concentration of a substance in a solution. Titration instruments include pH meters. 
  5. Moisture analyzers: Instruments used that automatically determine the amount of moisture present in a product batch.

Products and/or ingredients are never degraded in any way; solvents, additives nor dilution is permitted. Products and/or ingredients are always tested and 3rd party certified as ToxicFree®, USDA Organic, or Wildcrafted. 

The end result is a product you trust and are proud to use and share with others. Essanté Organics understands their reputation becomes your reputation when you to the Essanté Organics product line. Essanté Organics is honored when you refer others and will always do everything possible to uphold the trust you have placed in them. Essanté Organics is committed to great relationship with you and every customer. 

Thank you for ordering Essanté Organics products.  In doing so, you are doing your part by not contributing to the indoor and outdoor environmental pollution of the water and soil shared with all living beings. 

FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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