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Meet Michael Wenniger

Meet Michael Wenniger

with a history of success

Born and raised in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin, Mr. Michael Wenniger learned valuable personal and business attributes from his working-class family as well as his peers.  From an early age, he discovered the benefits of working hard on his aunt and uncle's farm.  Additionally he attended college at UWM (University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee) with an emphasis in Sports Fitness and Kinesiology.

During the 1980's Michael enjoyed fantastic local success as the long-haired lead guitarist and then singer in his band Foxx (photo below).  Then, in the early 90's, he discovered the direct sales industry.  Michael, with little business experience, personally enrolled 35 people who exploded into 75,000 people during the company's three year momentum-phase.  Mike was astonished.  By passionately sharing products and income potential through regular meetings, and with only 35 of those people saying, "yes", history was made! Today, Mr. Michael Wenniger has earned over 14 million dollars because he said "yes" to direct sales and took action. 

Mr. Wenniger has a proven track record of success spanning three decades in both the network marketing and wellness industry. From personal experience, it excites him to share the news that anyone - from any walk of life - with a dedicated work ethic, and a purpose driven mission, can thrive in this industry because it does not discriminate.

In 2004, Michael Wenniger reached a new level of success with his second business venture: Fun Unlimited (For The Ultimate In Nutrition).  This business was founded with 2 key products: Power Pops®, (Eat Candy & Lose Weight® lollipops) and Kid’s Pops (Vitamins On A Stick® lollipops).  To date, over 40 million triple patented Power Pops® have been sold.  These two results-driven, flagship products are still favorites among consumers today.

Embracing his strong belief in the health benefits of using only 100% chemical free, certified ToxicFree®, certified Organic, Non-GMO, and wild crafted products, Michael leveraged his business successes and decades of experience with his passion for formulating healthy products in order to make a true difference in people’s lives. In 2009, Michael Wenniger pioneered and launched his most successful venture to date: Essanté Organics, The Organic Living Company®. 

Essanté Organics, the first USA based direct sales company to offer 100% chemical free, certified ToxicFree®, certified Organic, and wildcrafted daily use commodities on a global scale. Michael is passionate about helping everyone to “Live free. Chemical free. Financially free.” Essanté Organics, The Organic Living Company®, has become the industry leader in providing these much needed daily-use products. 

Michael knew his mission of promoting good-for-the-people and good-for-the-planet products would grow organically if  he gave everyone the opportunity to share them.  So, Mr. Wenniger, along with a team of experts, designed the simplest, most lucrative way to reward people who refer others to the Essanté Organics product line. Essanté Organics is "Home of the 100% Matching Bonus", a payout that has revolutionized the industry.  Essanté Organics is also home to thousands of Wellness Warriors across the globe - people just like you who are helping themselves & others live life ToxicFree®.

Michael Wenniger is known throughout the industry for formulating and delivering unique, patented, industry disruptive, 100% chemical free, certified ToxicFree®, certified Organic & wildcrafted products through a superior home-based business model.  Michael’s contagious energy, anything-is-possible attitude, avant-garde style, and proprietary approach to both product development and marketing sets him apart as a progressive entrepreneur and a pioneer in the green industry. Mr. Wenniger has been awarded countless accolades as a Top Industry Earner, an Innovator of Award-Winning Products, a philanthropist, and a world-renowned mentor.  Business For Home named Mr. Michael Wenniger one of The World's Top Direct Sales CEOs. Mr. Wenniger was chosen as one of the top 55 CEOs from a competitive list of almost 500 CEOs across the world. 

Michael continuously aligns himself with a variety of experts, in every area.  This successful strategy has positioned Essanté Organics as a top, internationally recognized, 5-time-award-winning company.  He also devotes much of his time to connecting with the field.  He lives by his Midwestern values: genuinely caring about people & always following The Golden Rule of do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. He values his time on the lake and his golfing achievements.  Yet his most valued achievement to date is The Essanté Foundation where proceeds from every product purchased helps to enrich the lives of others in need.

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