5 Day Results

By posting a calendar event or sending guests to a calendar event you agree to the following Honor System Etiquette:   

  • Following the rules below allows you to send your guests to any calendar event and you do not have to be present.
  • When sending a guest to a meeting you are not attending: contact host & email them the Appointment Form 48 hours in advance.
  • Hosts: call each Executive immediately after each meeting and share each guest's JOIN & SAVE Form information or level of interest. 
  • No self promotion: do not give personal contact information (phone, email, Facebook, website, etc.) to anyone outside your team.
  • Do not share personal systems, trainings or tools: ONLY provide the company video (or slides) & The Classified Ad System.
  • If a Guest you didn ot invite asks for your contact information: share the Executive's information who invited them (not yours). 
  • If an Executive not on your team asks for your contact information: share THEIR leader/enroller's contact info. (not yours).
  • This is an honest, two-way street: everyone on this calendar is committed to providing meetings/trainings for everyone's guests.  
  • Use RED name tags for guests & BLUE name tags for Essanté Executives. This helps you focus on guest's names as you present. 
  • Essante Executives may attend yet they need to be quiet during the group interview - all time and focus must be on the applicants.
  • You may ONLY pass your personal information & systems to people you have personally enrolled. 
  • Executives who wish to attend a Group Interview: Please wear business attire, bring a notebook and pen, arrive early and sit quietly leaving the best seats for the guests and interviewees. Always take notes, nod and smile to support the Presenter. Allow the Presenter to focus entirely on each applicant.  Do not ask the Presenter questions during a group interview, as it is not an appropriate venue for Essante Executives who are already in the business to ask questions. Questions from Essante Executives distract interviewees and guests as well as the Presenter, and this can hinder the closing ratio. Group Interviews are for the applicants. Executives should be courteous and not participate unless the Presenter asks you a direct question.  Instead, If you have a business question, schedule time after the group interview to get your question(s) answered.

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