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$500 in your 1st 30 days

New Brand Partners,
You have 30 days from your join date to achive this $500 bonus, just follow the 5 steps below.
For example, if you join on January 1st you have through January 30th to complete #1 - #4 (below).
Track everyone's orders for 3 months on the form (below) then follow the directions in #5.  

  1. Print the $500 Express Start Gold Bonus Form (below) right now.
  2. Personally enroll 4 NEW Brand Partners in your 1st 30 days in business.
  3. Help all 4 of your NEW Personally enrolled Brand Partners each enroll 2 Brand Partners of their own, 1 on their left team and 1 on their right team (this makes all 4 of your Brand Partners Silver Executives, and in-turn this makes you a Gold Executive).
  4. Ensure you, plus all 4 of your NEW personally enrolled Brand Partners, plus each of their 2 personally enrolled Brand Partners) all process a 75 point order (minimum) for 3 consecutive months.
  5. Track everyone’s orders on the form (below) for 3 consecutive months. Then turn your completed form into corporate at (Incomplete forms are not accepted).  For example, if everyone on your form enrolls in January, you would turn your completed form in 3 months later, in March. Corporate will review your completed form, verify everyone listed has processed a 75 point minimum order for 3 consecutive months, and will add the $500 bonus to your pay card account or your direct deposit account.