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This page contains: 

  • Humble Beginnings
  • Our Team, Protected Facilities & Meeting with the USDA NOP 
  • Equipment, Formulation & Testing Methods 
  • Manufacturing Standards 
  • Over 75 Manufacturing & Ingredient Certifications 
  • USDA National Organic Program & Legal Reviews
  • Essanté Organics Foundation & Commitment To Our Brand
  • USDA Organic Logos
  • Globally Sustainable Practices - Leaves Green Footprint®

Humble Beginnings

A purist and wellness advocate at heart, CEO of Essanté Organics, Michael Wenniger, committed to making products without toxic ingredients long before most people recognized this important need.  Mr. Wenniger launched Power-Pops® in 2004 and Essanté Organics®, The Organic Living Company®, in 2009. 

Since then, Essanté Organics has built a reputation on changing households and the planet into a ToxicFree® safe zone, by formulating and delivering certified organic®, ToxicFree®, and wildcrafted products.  Essanté Organics superior and cost effective products are delivered directly, on time, and the highest commission is paid to qualified Executives who work with Essanté Organics and refer to the Essanté Organics product line.  

Over the years Essanté Organics' manufacturing facilities have grown.  Back in 2004, while an outside lollipop manufacturing facility manufactured Essanté Organics triple patented flagship product Power-Pops®, orders were processed from Mr. Wenniger's home office and family helped process the orders.  Later, Power-Pops® were sold at mall kiosks until the long lines of excited buyers broke the mall's Fire Marshall Code. To date, over 50 million Power-Pops® have been sold internationally through our dedicated Essanté Executive's global e-commerce websites. 

Today, Essanté Organics continues to grow their line of proprietary product formulas, which are expertly packaged at co-packing facilities including: Body & Spa products, Home Care products, pH Nutrition products, Baby Care products, Therapeutic Essential Oils, and more. The practice of using separate co-packing facilities for Essanté Organics proprietary product formulas is the premier method used by the most successful companies in the world.  This expert business method keeps the production of Essanté Organics products high and costs low. 

The Essanté Organics product line and their field of marketers (Brand Partners) are growing rapidly. This growth has resulted in the expansion of Essanté Organics corporate headquarters. A ribbon cutting ceremony in Phoenix Arizona September 17, 2015, followed by a press release, showcased the expansion of Essanté Organics corporate headquarters and fulfillment facilities. 

Our Team,  Protected Facilities & Meeting with the USDA NOP 

Essanté Organics is very proud of our dedicated and highly credentialed, Research & Development and production staff including: organic researchers, the world's leading immunoenzymologist, doctors, nutritionists, aromatherapists, product formulators, production coordination team, senior and junior management teams, bottling and co-packing staff, and shipping team. CEO, Mr. Michael Wenniger, and President, Dr. Jonathan Levine, D.C. personally meet with Essanté Organics formulators to oversee the development of each and every proprietary product formulation. CMO, Angie Levine, designs all packaging, web images and content, catalogs, and marketing materials; she personally meets with the USDA NOP (United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program) and their certifying agencies, Essanté Organics legal department, and Essanté Organics production coordination team to ensure expert and compliant marketing for each new product launch. 

Essanté Organics production process is exciting yet confidential. The stabilized oxygen ratios used in Sparkle Tooth Polish & Baby Foam, the proprietary ionic charge and no-heat dehydration methods used in manufacturing the powdered pH nutrition products, and quadruple patented Power-Pops® are just a few of the highly sought after trade secrets at Essanté Organics.  For this reason, Essanté Organics does not disclose their privately owned USA production locations, co-packer locations, global ingredient suppliers, or the names of their formulation team members.  Due to steep competition in the organic industry, the management team is correct in keeping Essanté Organics trade operations well protected.  Today, only Essanté Organics upper management team is privy to the manufacturing facilities and co-packing facilities, information made available after one year of employment and a signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). 

Most global companies keep their manufacturing facilities separate from corporate headquarters and Essanté Organics follows this successful business formula. In addition to keeping productivity high and costs low, it curtails burglaries as well. In 2004, two culprits, possibly hired by a competing company, were apprehended while searching in vein for the patented Power-Pops® formula at corporate headquarters. 

While no one can "patent" fruits or vegetables, measures are taken to keep the Essanté Organics product line. Non-Disclosure Agreements protect Essanté Organics' manufacturing and co-packing facilities while providing a safeguard in the vastly expanding and competitive industry of organic product production.  Rest assured, while you will always find inferior and more expensive copy-cat versions of our products, you will never find Essanté Organics' high quality, price-point competitive, guaranteed, proprietary formulations anywhere else in the world.   

Equipment, Formulation & Testing Methods

From test batches to full-scale manufacturing runs, Essanté Organics uses semi-automatic filling lines, fully-automatic filling and capping machines, tube filling machines, labeling machinery, and non-reactive, 150 to 600 pound stainless steel product manufacturing tanks. Essanté Organics production, processing, filling, and labeling equipment ensures each product is handled efficiently and delivered with an expert fit and finish.  

The moment organic and wildcrafted ingredients arrive, they are first combined in a controlled environment. Upon completion the product is extensively micro-tested. 

Once the product passes micro testing it is tagged with a control batch number.  Bottles or tubes are then loaded onto the fill line and the product is freshly filled, sealed, capped and marked with the batch number. Each finished product is then boxed and shipped via pallets to corporate headquarter's fulfillment center.  

The caring shipping department inventories, stocks and hand selects the products each customer chooses using weight and barcode scanning equipment for accuracy.  Products are protected by non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble packing peanuts (that dissolve in sink water; kids love to watch them disappear). Essanté Organics products are then immediately shipped and delivered to your front door by way of USPS or FedEx. Our contracted FedEx rates are some of the lowest rates in the world and shipping times oversees are fast; products ship from Phoenix AZ USA and typically arrive overseas within 5-7 business days.  

Manufacturing Standards & Certifications

Essanté Organics employs highly credentialed R&D staff, product formulators, production managers and bottling staff (as shared above).  The marketing team personally meets with the USDA NOP, the production coordination team, and the bottling staff, to ensure expert product launches and ongoing quality control. 

Essanté Organics attains and holds multiple certifications for ORGANIC OPERATION, for their products, the highest quality manufacturing certifications granted by globally accredited, 3rd party, manufacturing certifying agents.  Manufacturers who attain these certificates are certified operators that have been reviewed and shown to be in compliance with the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 and the organic production and handling standards established by the USDA National Organic Program under 7 CFR Part 205. 

Essanté Organics' formulates & hand crafts the finest products on earth, made with certified ToxicFree®, wildcrafted, and organic* ingredients from around the world. All products are proudly made in the USA with zero animal testing.  

To verify Essanté Organics certified USDA NOP (United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program) products: Look at the USDA NOP certifier listed on the back of the label and email them the product label. You will discover each certifier retains Essanté Organics approved organic formulation and label on file.  Once you email the certifier noted on the label, they will send you a confirmation email stating the Essanté Organics product meets all USDA NOP standards. Products without a certifier listed on the back have individual ingredient certifications.  

Over 75 Manufacturing & Ingredient Certifications

Organic certifications verify each organic ingredient is legally certified by an accredited 3rd party organic certifying agent. Individual ingredient certifications ensure Essanté Organics products are legally regulated & meet the highest standards for best manufacturing practices, no GMO's, no added growth hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides.  

FDA labeling laws are followed as determined by national Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 and the organic production and handling standards determined by the USDA NOP.  Essanté Organics' manufacturing and ingredient certifications are from: 

  • USDA NOP® (United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program)
  • Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, Oregon Tilth, Inc.®
  • California Certified Organic Farmers®
  • Clemson University Organic®
  • Vermont Organic Farmers®
  • Organic Certifiers®
  • Baystate Organic Certifiers®
  • USDA BioBased® 
  • Ecocert® (Certification for Sustainable Development)
  • The ToxicFree® Foundation and more...

All manufacturing and ingredient certifications, over 75 pages, are kept on file in your website's Back Office. 

Legal Reviews

Essanté Organics marketing team personally meets with the USDA National Organic Program each time a product with organic ingredients is manufactured, to ensure all organic standards and labeling laws are followed, and to review marketing materials for compliance. In addition, Essanté Organics' top legal firms in direct sales law and product labeling law ensure ongoing compliance in all areas. Essanté Organics has never been in a law suit of any kind, a testament to their longstanding commitment to excellence in product production and field support. 

Essanté Organics Foundation & Commitment To Our Brand 

Essanté Organics is often asked to mass produce and private label products for other companies, yet this does not occur. Essanté Organics is solely committed to their global brand and field Executives (Brand Partners) who loyally promote Essanté Organics. 

In a world where most companies create dangerously toxic products, Essanté Organics looks forward to more companies following their lead, by creating healthier products and avoiding the tens of thousands of cheap, toxic, harmful industrial ingredients legally used today.  Essanté Organics assists companies currently using toxic, harmful product ingredients. In several cases, when companies agree to remove harmful ingredients, they thank Essanté Organics for assisting them in joining the toxic free movement.

Essanté Organics' commitment reaches beyond the customer and the household because of The Essanté Foundation.  Proceeds from every Essanté Organics purchase help: provide clean water, feed the hungry, clothe the cold, shelter the homeless, preserve endangered species, and protect the environment. Proceeds from each purchase help others in need and are donated monthly. Food banks including Mom's Pantry & St. Mary's Food Bank, hospitals & research facilities including St. Joseph's & St. Jude's Children's Hospitals, animal shelters including The humane Society, and programs that assist people in need including Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill, The River Source, Phoenix Dream Center, and more benefit from regular Essanté Foundation donations. 

When you commit to the Essanté Organics' brand, it makes a difference in many lives and in many ways.  Thank you for helping the world go green and for making a difference, just by ordering products with Essanté Organics. 

USDA Organic Logo & Globally Sustainable Practices 

The USDA NOP Organic Logo

Essanté Organics' manufacturing facilities can produce products in accordance with USDA NOP standards, and many products display one of the ninety USDA NOP (National Organic Program) organic certifiers on the label. The USDA NOP and their list of organic certifiers are known for having the highest, most stringent organic standards in the world.

For a product to be deemed Organic and feature one of the USDA NOP's organic certifier's certification seals on the label: the product must contain 95% - 100% organically produced and certified ingredients and use only safe and acceptable processing aids.  Water nor minerals can be classified as organic. 

All certifications must be on file and regular inspection of manufacturing facilities must occur. In addition, FDA law requires 100% of all ingredients to be disclosed and listed on the back of each label.  Essanté Organics adheres to the standards and specifications of the USDA NOP, the FDA and each additional organic certifying agent listed on each label and in the bullet points above.  

Globally Sustainable Practices - Leaves Green Footprint®

Essanté Organics is mindful of what goes in and on the body as well as what goes into our environment, thus they created the trademark Leaves Green Footprint®, because they go to great lengths to leave the smallest carbon footprint by:

  1. Creating regular maintenance programs to ensure efficiency of all manufacturing, printing, heating, cooling, office, and cleaning equipment.
  2. Ensuring the cleaning staff uses organic and ToxicFree® sanitizing and cleaning supplies when sanitizing equipment and offices.
  3. Ensuring all facilities are 100% smoke free.  
  4. Conserving energy and the earth's resources. When not in use, lights are off in all cafeterias, boardrooms, offices, and washrooms and thermostats are adjusted to use less energy, saving over 2,000 pounds of C02 annually. 
  5. Using recycled or non-paper choices in every application possible (ie. email, scanned documents, electronic note-pads, 100% biodegradable packing peanuts, etc). 

*See labels for organic ingredients