Bee Natural

Weight Loss, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Support

I believe Essanté Organics quality nutritional products helped support an environment for my body to detox & burn fat more efficiently (without exercise). I lost 100 pounds while supporting my cholesterol & blood pressure. My doctor was so impressed he cut my meds by 50%.

Severe Sadness & Hormone Support

I took Essanté Organics Bee Natural and Omega 3,6,9 Vital Oils daily. After 4 weeks my doctor decreased my sadness medication. With the help and care of my doctor, soon after it got even better. I have great news: I no longer need to be on sadness medication.

Hair Loss, Skin & Hormone Support

2 months after delivering my 3rd son, and to my great surprise, I began to lose CLUMPS of hair. As a proud Latina woman, I loved my thick voluminous hair and I was watching handfuls of it detach effortlessly (in & out of the shower). My hairline was receding further and further back. I ended up seeing 2 HUGE bald spots on both sides of my head… yes… I was BALDING at 29 years old! I was already consuming and loving Essanté Organics 7.365 pH Protein Shake but what else could I do? Individuals RAVED about Bee Natural and it had supported my son’s skin issue, so I began taking them too. 4 tabs daily. 3 WEEKS LATER I could see Essanté Organics Bee Natural supplements were supporting HAIR GROWTH. 2 months later and my bald spots were gone. I now have healthy hair and follicles.

Blood Sugar Support

I’ve been taking Essanté Organics Bee Natural, Earth Greens and Super Reds daily for 4.5 years. My health improved immediately and over time. Before, I was taking 9 prescriptions and my A1c was 9.3 (type 2 blood sugar test). Now, with my doctor’s help I take 1.5 prescriptions and my A1c is 7. I love these supportive, organic and non-GMO products by Essanté Organics and so does my doctor.

Sinus & Swelling Support

Thrilled & a little in shock. I’ve lived with debilitating sinus swelling for years that would escalate to fever, dizziness, nausea & fainting. Netti pots, nasal sprays, antibiotics & meds never helped. This time I turned to Essanté Organics Bee Natural. My sinuses were GOOD in 2 days! Beyond happy!

Hot Flash and Immune Support

I started menopause early in my 40s. Every woman I knew: (1) already had a hysterectomy,(2) was getting endometrial ablation (where they cauterize the flesh inside of you), or (3) was on dangerous, synthetic hormone therapy. I thought, this is all crazy! There has to be a natural way to support a woman through hot flashes and menopause. I am so thankful I found Essanté Organics Bee Natural. No more hot flashes. And I still have all my parts and have never had a single hormone therapy or drug.

Earth Greens

Purity, Integrity, Value, Quality, & Phenomenal Health Impact

Crazy!!! I was concerned with the "cost" of buying Organic food. I grow most of my own food and am very conscious of what I bring home to my family as all of you are I am sure. When you become aware of what is actually in or on what you are bringing home it is really scary and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to live healthy and still be able to have money in your pocket. So, I went to the store and took a few pictures because you can tell me something all day long but for me (sorry but I am a visual person) I have to see it. What you see to the right is the equivalent of Organic Greens from our local grocery store versus the Organic Greens from Essanté Organics. I did a cost and label analysis so you can see the integrity. The cost of the store bought Organics would have been even higher if I had been ingredient specific but to keep things simple I only included the packaged organic greens. I used Essanté Organics Earth Greens in conjunction with removing sugar, dairy, grains, and all GMO processed foods and this enabled me to Alkalize and lose 45 lbs. This helped support my autoimmunity and thyroid health.

Supports Energy, Blood Sugar, Weight Management and More!

Essanté Organics' Earth Greens Powder - there is no better way to start off my day than with 5.5 pounds of certified organic, gluten free, alkaline (pH balanced), vegan, whole food, vegetable nutrition in only one tiny scoop. This will be today's most nutritious meal which completely supports my body's nutritional needs. In the past, I've struggled with muscle and joint discomfort, as well as elevated blood pressure. Additionally, I've endured terrible digestive issues with my stomach and colon. Luckily for me, I found Essanté's Earth Greens. I love how this product provides me with clean vegetable nutrition while supporting my energy and blood sugar levels, as well as my weight management plan. Earth Greens makes me feel like I have a top notch immune system! This is my one MUST HAVE product!

Supports Blood, Nerve Health, Weight Loss, Energy

I take my Earth Greens every day and I love the various ways it supports my body. I am full of energy, have lost a total of 24 lbs., and have no discomfort or swelling. I feel amazing! I also like how it supports blood purification and nerve health. You should really give Essanté Organics' Earth Greens a try.

Supports Musculoskeletal System, Overall Health

I add a scoop of Earth Greens to my drink at least once a day. Why? Well, it has supported my health in so many wonderful ways! This product supports my full-body discomfort, hormone levels, strength, energy, and the health of my bones, ligaments, and joints. My memory is also supported by this wonderful product. During one period when I was without Earth Greens, I noticed a radical difference in my overall health. I will never again be without this fantastic product. I would rather take this USDA Certified Organic® product instead of discomfort relief medication from any doctor.

7.365 pH Shake

Supports Weight Management

I love that this is so naturally simple and tastes delicious! Essanté Organics' 7.365 pH Shake - Protein Meal Replacement - in a beautiful smoothie has done wonders for supporting my weight management. I've been swapping out one meal per day and have gone down (10kg) 22 pounds already! This is a wonderful product, especially because it tastes so amazingly good!

Supports Nerve & Overall Health

This is my mom, who will be 84 next month. Since she no longer likes to eat breakfast, she decided to start drinking Essanté Organics' 7.365 pH Shake. This way she would have something in her stomach. After drinking them once a day for about a week, she called me at work. She sounded a little frantic, so I was worried. She asked me if I thought something in the shakes could have supported her sciatica discomfort (which she has suffered with five years). I told her I didn’t know, but it was possible...since she had not made any other changes. She is now scared to be without her shakes!

Supports Building Muscle Mass

The Best! Never had anything like it!

Supports Healthy Weight Loss, Overall Health & Vitality

WEEK 9 - Down 20+ lbs and 2.5 inches around the waist. 3 more weeks to go... I have never felt better even noticed my hair is getting darker (less grey). Alkalize and Energize!!! Thank you Essante Organics!"

Supports Healthy Weight Loss

7.365 pH PROTEIN SHAKE - I LOST 50 POUNDS & FEEL GREAT! In 8 1/2 months I was able to meet my goal. I lost 50 pounds and reduced my BMI from 33 to 24. I did it slowly at 1.5 pounds per week. I just recently completed my first 5K (running without stopping). I feel great, look a lot better, and have an entirely new wardrobe! I was also able to support my blood pressure (my doctor stopped my two medications). I made exercise a top priority, started to eat clean, and began supporting my body's alkalinity with three Essanté Organics products: 7.365 pH Protein Shake, Super Reds Powder, and Earth Greens.

Supports Healthy Digestion, Physical Conditioning & Weight Loss

Just got the ice cream flavour! It is my new favourite! I have been on Essanté Organics shake for just over a month. I have lost 18 pounds, all my aches and histamine issues are gone, and I am running my first 5K race in a month! I totally recommend it. The aches going away is the biggest achievement. Doctors weren't sure and often just said, ‘Try eliminating…’ but that is very hard for someone who is not educated in nutrition. As soon as I started Essanté Organics 7.365 pH Shake my body got a break! It has curbed all cravings... and has done so much more for me! 

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar

My step-dad's blood sugar A1C was at 14. He was supposed to start a serious kidney regimen before discovering pH Nutrition products from Essanté Organics. Instead, he started his own daily regimen consisting of Essanté's 7.365 pH Shake Protein Meal Replacement, Earth Greens, Supper Reds, and 2 Bee Natural Tabs. The Essanté products supported him so well that in only 4 short weeks his A1C was down to an 8 and 1 month after that, it was down again to a 6.5!

Spakle Toothpaste

Supports Hygiene

Another great check up at the dentist! The hygienist told me to keep flossing and doing whatever else it is that I am doing, I told her no problem. I am still using Essanté Organics Toothpaste Polish, hardly ever flossing, and doing a quick swish with Essanté Organics Sanitizer at the end. She was amazed because my teeth keep getting better each time she sees me. When I showed her the Essanté Organics Sanitizer bottle, she said it makes sense because most of the bacteria in our mouths that we are fighting hate oxygen!

Supports Sensitivity & Plaque Reduction

I love Essanté Organics Sparkle Toothpaste. I used to have sensitive teeth and had to use a toothpaste specially designed for sensitivity. Also, I had to go to the dentist often to have plaque removed. Now I don't have sensitive teeth, and I don't need to go to the dentist as much. Love it!

Whitening & Gum Support, Saves Money

I have noticed my teeth getting whiter also my gums do not feel sore like when I used to use regular toothpaste. I've been using Sparkle for the past 35 days, after using this tooth paste, we still have yet to use half a tube. That is great news because it saves my family money and their health.

Sensitivity Support

I have sensitive teeth that can't stand the slightest cold, so for the longest time, I used Sensodyne. A day without Sensodyne meant avoiding cold stuff. It's been only 2 weeks since I started using Sparkle, and now I chew and drink freezing cold stuff painlessly. Thank you Essanté Organics!

Tastes Great Too!

Finally! A toothpaste that our girl ASKS for!! Essante Organics Sparkle Toothpaste Polish.

Supports Tooth Sensitivity

I had been using Sensodyne Toothpaste for years because of sensitive teeth. I switched to Essanté Organics Sparkle and it was just as good or better. No sensitive teeth.

Supports Healthy Teeth

My daughter has very bad teeth due to medicine she had to take when she was little. The dentist told me three weeks ago that she found spots which needed to be treated and that eight of my daughter's teeth were very bad. In response, over the last three weeks, I started using Essanté Organics Sanitizer in my daughter's mouth in addition to brushing her teeth with Essanté Organics Sparkle Toothpaste Polish. Yesterday we went back to the dentist, and you know what? We saved six teeth! Thank you to my Essanté Executive for all of your support!

Supports Cleaner, Whiter Teeth

I've been using ToxicFree® Sparkle Toothpaste Polish for five days now. I can't believe the results! My teeth are so much whiter & cleaner! The freshness lasts a long, long don't need toxic ingredients, you need Sparkle!

Super Reds

Athletic Performance, Strength, Mental Focus & Immunity

Me and my boys, Camron and Taylor, have been using Essanté Organics Super Reds, 7.365 pH Shake, and Earth Greens for two years now, and in that time, all of us have had 100% immunity support (and we do not do the flu shot). These products have also helped support the boys' strength training, mental focus, and athletic performance. Camron has become a pro skateboarder at age 15. And both of the boys (Taylor is 14) just received four big-time sponsorships for their wake surfing careers including a boat dealer sponsor. This means they will be able to make money doing what they love! In fact, they just won the Worlds in Wake Surfing!

Immunity & Scar Support

I have been using Essanté Organics' products for three years. I love the Super Reds, Earth Greens, and personal care products. My health has improved dramatically with the support of these products (as has my wife's). I had a 15-inch surgical scar from a surgery in 2012. Soon after taking Essanté's products, I began to notice my surgical scar was going away. It took 15 months, but my scar is now down to about 1/4 inch. I was stunned to see the results. Read your labels. These are great products!

Blood Sugar Support

I've been taking Essanté Organics Super Reds, Bee Natural, and Earth Greens daily for the past 4 1/2 years. My health has improved so much throughout this time period. My doctor had me taking 9 prescriptions, and my A1c was 9.3. My doctor now has me taking 1 1/2 prescriptions, and my A1c is 7. I love how Essanté Organics products support me and so does my doctor.

Immunity & Lung Support

Over this past holiday my Grandkids were home sick from school. They had severe colds with a fever or perhaps it was the flu. My husband, as well as all of the relatives in the kids’ house, also became sick. Unfortunately, one of the older people ended up in the hospital. I was so lucky to avoid getting even so much as a cough or congestion. From the time I was a child, it's been my experience to go right into bronchitis from these things. Thank you Essanté Organics for great immunity support! I believe I escaped a sick and feverish holiday with the supportive combination of Super Reds, Bee Natural, Earth Greens, and the essential oils I diffused. Off to a healthy new year!

Energy & Muscle Support

Essanté Organics Super Reds is great! It makes my life so much better. I am enjoying the boost to my overall health, now that I am taking the Super Reds on a daily basis. I wake up without sore muscles and strange aches. I sleep so much better, and I have so much more energy than before. I've already ordered my second container of Essanté Organics Super Reds because of all this great support!

Blood Sugar Support

I did not pass a glucose tolerance test during pregnancy. My blood sugar was off. My doctor told me we’d test for diabetes a couple weeks later. During the past two weeks I have been using Super Reds and Earth Greens every day. I took my glucose tolerance test yesterday and my doctor shared that I passed my test and the results were not even close to where they were during my first test! She said whatever I was doing to keep it up.

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