Web Offer: Pop Display Stand - Select Large or Small

Pop Stand - Large or Small

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Web Offer: Pop Display Stand - Select Large or Small

  • Large holds 60 pops, Small holds 24 pops, solid natural wood
  • FREE branded insert for the top slot of the Pop Display Stand (see Tools)
  • Display pops and people will buy at fairs, trade shows, expos, kitchen counter, offices, desktop, lobby counters, doctor offices, spas, weight loss clinics, retail store fronts, gyms, restaurants, food trucks, or anywhere.
  • Visit people who own the above and discuss the additional income stream Essante Organics will generate for them. Then sell a filled pop display stand to them on-the-spot because INSTANT gratification and profit generation is exciting!
  • Fairs / Trade shows / Expos: POP one of these up! People buy more food & candy at trade shows than any other item! When you show adults they can "eat candy & lose weight" and their kids can get "vitamins on a stick" guess what? YOUR DISPLAY WILL BE EMPTY BEFORE THE 1ST HOUR OF THE SHOW... so stock up on Power-Pops & Kids' Pops and retail away! HINT: Have a lollipop guy or girl in the ISLE offering these & you'll sell double!
  • THE FUN, PERFECT LEAD-IN THAT MAKES EVERYONE SMILE: Pass FREE LOLLIPOPS! Once you offer a free lollipop... your potential customer WANTS to listen to what you have to share in regard to the rest of our exceptional product line! Attach your business card to each lollipop or BETTER YET gather THEIR name & number & schedule a time to call them within 48 hours! Share how important & simple it is to live Toxic Free & financially free.

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    These little lollipops really pack a nice flavor! The Power Pops help me fight cravings for BAD junk foods. Around 3 pm every day I have an Essante Organics Power Pop and it gives me instant energy too! With Kids Pops my kids are having VITAMINS and it's fun. My kids love and ask for Kids Pops every day!

    Posted On Monday, June 6, 2016

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    Eco friendly/sustainable farming, ingredients, packaging & packing materials

    Dietary supplement ingredients are never heat pasteurized so enzymes remain in tact

    Dietary supplement ingredients are always low GI, high ORAC and high nutrient values

    All purchases support people, endangered species and the environment.

    Essanté Foundation®: Proceeds from every purchase are donated

    5 year shelf life on all products thanks to Mother Nature

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    If it's not a certified organic or toxic-free ingredient it is not permitted

    No GMOs, no gluten, no whey, no synthetic ingredients

    No heat pasteurizing

    No harmful chemical ingredients

    No pesticides or antibiotics

    No neurotoxins, No hormone disruptors, No carcinogens

    No toxic SLS, SLES, fluoride, triclosan, petroleum, parabens, glycols, PEGs, etc.

    No toxic thickening, foaming, smoothing or exfoliating agents

    No artificial flavors, colors or fragrances

    No high fructose corn syrup or chemical sweeteners

    No toxic preservatives: 5 year shelf life on all products thanks to Mother Nature

    No animal testing, no BPA

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