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Q If someone joins my Essanté Organics team, as a non profit, are they placed / positioned in my Green Tree as a Brand Partner?
A Yes. Anyone wishing to become a non-profit with Essanté Organics simply clicks on COMPANY - Non-Profits and Fundraisers, and submits the form that is located there. We will confirm their non-profit status and supply a complimentary $29.95 website.  In addition, non-profits also have the option to choose a Go Green Pack, in which case the $29.95 will be waived.  Ensure you and your prospect read the COMPANY - Non-Profits and Fundraisers section of the website and follow the directions at the base of the page.  Non-profits do not use the JOIN & SAVE button. Instead, they use the Form located under COMPANY - Non-Profits and Fundraisers. Non-profits run their website and business EXACTLY as you do and they can be paid EXACTLY as you are paid... the only difference is, many times, they choose to direct the profits they earn from their fundraisers back into their non-profit orginization. Once your non-profit's application form is processed, they will receive an Essanté Organics ID#. They will be placed in your holding tank, where you may then remove and position them into your Green Tree.  We recommend you position them into your pay team (the team with less volume also called your pay leg) before Thursday Midnight CST (before commissions run).
Q How do I become a member of the Essanté Organics Facebook Support Group, the secret group called Essanté Nation?
A Your Essanté family is waiting for you with open arms! To join the secret support group go to the training website now: - Level 1. Follow the directions to join our secret Facebook Support Group. You will submit your name and your Essanté ID# to "Will Welcome", our official corporate greeter. Once you send your friend request and Essanté ID# to "Will Welcome" we will verify your ID# and then add you to our secret support group, Essanté Nation. Are you interested in quick, proven product &/or business trainings or a blue print and road map to success? Are you interested in hot, warm and cold market systems that are proven to work? Or how to invite, how to present, how to get paid, and how to get your 1-800 # (number) and the FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book where unlimited leads call you?  Great! Enjoy all the trainings on the training website at where every training and call replay is right there at your fingertips 24/7. 
Q How do I qualify for commissions and can orders be separated out?

You may order points (shown below), every 30 days, in a one time order, and/or an easy order (auto ship), or in multiple orders, as long as the orders total up to the points (shown below) and are placed and PROCESSED every 30 days.

In addition, as long as the following points are ordered and processed every 30 days, through your own personal orders, or through your customer's Retail orders, or through any combination of both, you can be qualified to receive commissions as follows:

100 POINTS: qualifies you to be eligible for all 6 bonuses and the free Classified Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book.

75 POINTS: qualifies you to be eligible for 5 bonuses (Excludes the Expansion Race/Profit Sharing, excludes the free Classified Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book).

40 POINTS: qualifies you to be eligible for 1.5 bonuses: the Retail Bonus and half (5%) of the Endless Team Bonus. 

First review: - How To Get Paid.  Then, after reviewing this training call your up line and ask them what actions to  take in order to generate commissions.

Q How do I qualify for the Endless Team Bonus; Does a 100 point order qualify an Executive or does an Executive need to also personally enroll 2 people: 1 on their left team (leg) & 1 on their right team (leg) to qualify for the Endless Team Bonus commission?

See the example below.  Executives qualify for commission based on personal points or Personal Volume (PV) ordered and processed every 30 days. Monthly PV can be accumulated through Personal Orders, Retail Orders, or a combination of both. PV Qualifies the Executive for the following Bonuses for 30 days:      

0 POINTS:  30% Retail Bonus

40 POINTS: 30% Retail Bonus & 1/2 of Endless Team Bonus (5% of lesser team volume)

75  POINTS: 30% Retail Bonus, 10% Endless Team Bonus, $50 & $100 Enroller Bonuses, $500 Express Start Gold Bonus, 25-100% Matching Bonus.  (Executives only need 75 points (PV) to qualify for the full 10% Endless Team Bonus (Binary) Commission). 

100 POINTS: 30% Retail Bonus, 10% Endless Team Bonus, $50 & $100 Enroller Bonuses, $500 Express Start Gold Bonus, 25-100% Matching Bonus, Expansion Race Bonus (profit sharing within each country) and the Free Classified Ad System.  100 personal points or 100 PV qualifies each Executive for all 6 paychecks and the free classified ad system for 30 days. 

The Endless Team Bonus (Binary) Commission is paid once the qualified Executive has volume on both their left & right team (legs).

Endless Team Bonus (Binary) Example: 

Let's say you have a left team (leg) below you.  Let's say this has occurred because your left team (leg) has received spillover (enrollments placed there by an Executive above you).  Let's say your left team (leg) has 150 points in volume and your right team (leg) has 0 points in volume. In this case we would refer to your left team (leg) as your "Power Team" (a team that is growing beyond your efforts and has greater volume than your right team).  In this example, the computer does not see volume on both teams (legs), therefore an Endless Team Bonus (Binary) Commission will not be generated, however the 150 points in volume in the left team will be banked (kept for you to use at a later date). Banked volume is never erased here at Essanté Organics. Other companies erase or "flush" volume regularly making it harder to earn income. 

Now let's move forward using this same example:

Let's say you are qualified with at least 75 points of Personal Volume (PV). And let's say you now enroll 1 person on your right team (leg) and they order 100 points of product.  Your left and right teams (your two legs) would both have volume now, and they would look like this:

Left Team: 150 points/volume

Right Team: 100 points/volume

The computer will pay out an Endless Team Bonus as follows: 

10% of the lesser right team (right pay leg) volume (or 5% of the left team volume and 5% of the right team volume to the level of the lesser team/leg volume). In this example, you personally enrolled 1 person, and you'd earn 10% of the 100 points in volume on the right.

You'd earn 10% of the lesser right team (right pay leg) volume: You'd earn $10.00 in Endless Team Bonus commission. The remaining 50 points in volume on the left team (the difference) would be banked (kept for you to use at a later date). 

Be sure to visit How To Get Paid at  We highly recommend listening to "How To Go4Gold" Level 1 - #5 because there are clear examples on exactly how to build your left and right leg & get paid. We also highly recommend printing & posting the Essanté Earnings One Page PDF Level 1 - #6 How To Get Paid (the nuts & bolts audio is excellent too).  After you review Go4Gold and the PDF, if you have additional questions please be sure to call or email corporate or your up line for clarification. 

Q Where are all the call replays, mp3 audios, recordings housed, kept and accessed?
A All replays are in one easy location: - Level 4
Q What countries does Essante Organics operate in? Which countries are open for business? Is Essante Organics open in _____ (country)?  How do I see the country list?
A Click the blue JOIN button at the top of your website. Scroll down to address and click COUNTRY.  A drop down list of all the countries we operate in will appear.
Q I do not see Essanté Organics operates or is open in _____ (country) yet, what should I do? How does Essanté Organics open new countries?  Can I / how do I enroll someone in a country that is not open yet? Essanté Organics does not ship to ____ (country) yet…
A We recommend concentrating only on countries that are currently open.  Think of it this way; you’re playing on an amazing playground, it’s fully built and has every toy you could possibly dream of and it’s been inspected and is approved for safety.  And right next to this amazing playground is a wall of trees and vines so dense you can hardly see the sunlight through the thick vegetation. Trying to personally ship product to someone, in a country not open yet, is like leaving your perfect playground, taking your machete, and hacking into the thick vines and trees, trying to build a new playground all on your own.  (See below).
Q How do I get Essanté Organics to open a new country for me?

Read the “playground” analogy directly above first. Once you have 50,000 in volume shipping into any un-open country, through your own method of shipping and distribution, we will consider opening that country (adding it to the drop down list located on the JOIN page). In addition we will only consider shipping directly to that country if our Merchant Account clears the country and indicates it is safe and not a "high risk for fraudulent bank activity” country.

Q How do I send my guests (potential customers and business builders and Executives) directly to my website’s Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale (or any page or product on my website)?
A As a Wholesale Website Owner, you'll find your personal web page links in your back office (under Tools). Send your guests and prospects to your personal web page links. For example, you may send them a link to your “On Sale Now" Category or the “Body & Spa" Category, or Baby Care” Category.  Or you may send them to a specific item code (a specific product).  As someone clicks on your specific web link, they will be directed to your specific website and shopping cart (where they will see all pricing and be able to purchase). And as a qualified Executive, you'll receive all the commissions!  Not using your personal web page links in your Back Office can result in your guest or prospect not landing on your specific website. So it is critical to use your Back Office - Tools - Personal Webpage Links.
Q I'm about to meet with a couple who have serious health issues and I need help promoting properly. What should I say or do? What products should I offer to someone who has stage 4 kidney failure and another who is under serious emotional stress?  How do I avoid giving medical advice yet still help them?

We're glad you're going to help this couple by providing Essanté Organics as a solution to their problems.  We highly recommend you use as your go-to training resource for building mega confidence in: inviting, promoting, presenting, closing, how to get paid and more.

Before you meet with them listen to - how to invite.

This training shares how to use FORM when speaking with people. Using F.O.R.M. will allow you to have an open conversation about everything they NEED in regard to their:



Recreation / Retirement

Malady / health concerns or Money

After you LISTEN to them and briefly discuss their FORM issues, I would then say, 

"I understand what you're going through and I have a solution.  

I have an answer that will help you with _____, _____, _____ . 

(list everything they shared during FORM).

For Example: 

I know you and your family are stressed.  

I know stage 4 kidney failure is a serious condition and that it's taking an emotional toll.

I know you both need an answer that will lower your stress and truly increase your health. 

I imagine too, you both need an answer to the financial stress these issues must be causing.  

I have an answer and solution for you that will help you right now.

I know of an organic company that offers the healthiest pH balanced nutrition products in the world and they use zero toxic chemical ingredients. Their mission is to help families live a strong healthy life through the use and sharing of their healthy products, which are offered online.  They pay me very well to work from my home office, and my CPA let's me write off the healthy products I order. Would you take a 10 minute company video tour with me right now? To see if you see what I see, that they truly have a solution for you? Great.

(Pull up your phone or laptop, go to, click play, watch together). 

Before you meet with them listen to - how to close.

Using the 8 Question Close right afterwards makes it easy to help people make a decision.

They literally close themselves, organically. (Or dial your up line leader, make introductions, and your leader will use the 8 Question Close over speaker phone).

The 8th question in the 8 Question Close is, "Have you heard enough to make a decision?"

If they say yes, help them compete the blue JOIN button on your website. 

If they say they need more information ask, 

"Would you like more information on the company, the products, or how well they pay?"

1. Direct them to your website for more company and product information.

2. Direct them to for more toxic problem information. 

3. Direct them to for more paycheck information. 

A great 1-line close is:

"Let's get you healthier & earning income right away,

would you like to order at retail, wholesale or below wholesale?"

Print the 2 PDF forms & order the 2 Tear Off Pads located at the top right of your JOIN page.

Share them, and allow them to choose what's best for them.  

Avoid being the "advice" giver. If you're not a doctor, don't try to be one:

Allow everyone to organically gravitate to the products that interest them most.

Each product is explained in full detail on your website, so keep it simple and share your website. They can ask their doctor, certified nutritionist, and aromatherapist which products are best for their situation. Never offer medical advice or specific products for specific medical conditions, this is illegal. 

Q How do I share the video in another / different / any language?

1. Go to

2. Click Play

3. Click Play again

4. Click on the Settings icon (Sprocket) in the lower right corner (Next to the YouTube icon)

5. Go to the Subtitles/CC section and from the drop down menu to the right choose English

6. Click Sprocket again, click drop down arrow to right of English, click Translate Captions

7. Choose the desired language (use light grey bar at upper right to scroll down)

8. Click OK

9. Rewind presentation to beginning and play

Q May I borrow or rent a banner sign from corporate?

Corporate and Executives alike use large (8ft H x 3ft W), branded pull up banners at thier local events, expos, fairs, booths, mall kiosks, etc. Banners are available for purchase in 2 ways:

1. Purchase a sharable banner (lend or rent your universal banner to your teammates)

2. Purchase a customized banner (showcasing your personal information, your 1-800#, etc.)

To order a banner please visit Products - Shop - "TOOLS APPAREL GEAR" on your website. 

We do not lend out, rent, or offer free corporate banners, nor do we allow Executives to borrow banner signs. This policy is in place because we promote fairness and avoid favoritism. What we do for one Executive we must do for all and we are unable to lend banners to all Executives. 

Another option is to determine if your up line has a "sharable banner" and ask them to rent or borrow their banner.

In addition, there are free printable PDF documents on your website, next to many of our products and inside Business Suite - Tools. Consider printing these in color, spiral binding them with a clear plastic cover, & having them at your table. 

We also highly recommend this critical training: - How To Run A Profitable Expo / Booth  


How do I get the ad system, with the FREE Ads, Scripts and Guidelines Book and my own 1-800 # (number) with pre-written classified / Craigslist / Facebook / Text ads? 


To get your Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book please go to - How to get your 1-800# and Free Ad Book.

Listen to the quick audio, then email the TWO specific items to your CMO.  Once received, we will email your FREE book within 3 business days. Please direct all of your teammates to the site when they ask, “How do I get the FREE Ads, Scripts and Guidelines book” or “Craigslist Book”.  Your book includes bonus chapters titled: “How To Make Facebook A Cash Cow” and “The 8 Question Close”. 


May I order banners or a VIP Green Carpet Event Pack in Norwegian or French or Spanish or another language? 


Yes.  Please email our print shop at or you may call them at 480.725.5454. They have banners in other languages on file. Ask which other languages are available.  If the language you are requesting is not on file, Skype our CMO at AngieLevine in Scottsdale Arizona and work with her to translate one of our banners into the language of your choice.  Then it too will be on file.  You may then direct all of your teammates to order by emailing or calling our print shop and requesting banners in their language. We are excited for you and your teammates to grow to an exciting level of success, beyond your wildest dreams. Congratulations on being first to market in your area! Be sure to add your events (in your language) to your website's Events - Calendar. 


What is the compensation plan and how do I learn it? Can I listen to the mp3 recording replay training? What is Essante Earnings? What are the 6 paychecks / bonuses? How does Essanté Organics pay commission?

A Please visit and share our compensation plan at - How to get paid (also known as Enjoy the simplest and highest paying compensation plan in the world. Our CMO is known for saying this, "If you find a better compensation plan, show me."
Q If someone signs up under me as a $29.95 Wholesale Website Owner and they order from their Wholesale Website, do I get commission on their orders? If I enroll a $29.95 Wholesale Website Owner will I earn or receive commission and be paid on their activity / orders / volume?  What if I didn't enroll the person, will I still receive commission from the orders they place?

Yes.  Each time you personally enroll someone as a $29.95 Wholesale Website Owner & each time another person enrolls someone onto your team as a $29.95 Wholesale Website Owner, as long as you are a qualified Executive (you have a website and a processed order of 75 points or higher every 30 days), you can earn either banked volume (if the order occurs in your greater volume Power leg), or 10% commission (if the order occurs in your lesser volume Pay Leg).  You may earn commission on all volume processed through all websites within your organization, to unlimited levels of depth, as described in the compensation plan. You can earn commission on everyone's personal wholesale orders and their teammate's wholesale orders to infinite levels of depth.  You may also earn commission on the Below Wholesale Packs they and their teammates enroll, and you can earn a 25%, 50% or 100% Matching Bonus based on each of your personally enrolled's Endless Team Bonus (because you personally enrolled them). Please remember to take all of your personal enrollments out of your holding tank (follow the directions in your back office) and place them into your green tree genealogy every Thursday before midnight CST. 

Please visit and click on:

1. How To Get Paid (the nuts and bolts audio is particularly helpful). 

2. How To Go 4 Gold 

3. How To Navigate Your Back Office & Remove People From Your Holding Tank 


If I earn income prior to owning an Essanté Organics MasterCard (Payoneer Card) or Direct Deposit Account, will I receive the commissions and income once I apply, and is everyone approved? 

A Yes. If money commissions / income / funds / are earned by a qualified Executive (someone with a website and a processed order of 75 points or higher every 30 days), before or prior to owning an Essanté Organics MasterCard (Payoneer Card) or Direct Deposit Account, the earnings accumulate and fund once the qualified Executive has their Essanté Organics Card / Account. In addition, the Qualified Executive must accumulate $25 in commission in order to receive each commission upload (this is shared on the website during the card / account application process).  99.9% of all people are instantly approved for an Essanté Organics Payoneer Card / Account.  You may apply for your exclusive Essanté Organics Payoneer Card / Account in your Back Office. Click the Credit Card Icon and enroll today. This is the only green way we pay commission. (See below).
Q Can I receive paper checks instead of applying for a Essanté Organics MasterCard Payoneer Card / Account? 
A No. We are a green company, for this reason we do not offer insecure or time prohibitive paper checks. You may apply for your exclusive, pre-approved Essanté Organics Payoneer MasterCard / Account in your Back Office. Click the Credit Card Icon and enroll today.   99.9% of all people are instantly approved. Once your Essanté Payoneer Account is active, you may load other income earned with other companies onto your Essanté Organics Payoneer Account. 
Q How do I change from direct auto deposit to an Essanté Organics Payoneer MasterCard (credit / debit / pay) card?

To switch from auto deposit to card, simply click on the icon in your back office and choose the option to switch. To do the opposite, to switch from card to auto deposit, you must call Payoneer directly:  

Payoneer Customer Support:

USA: 1-800-251-2521

Outside USA: 1-646-658-3695

To speak to a live agent choose "emergency"

Hours: 9a-6p EST


Can I use the 1-800# service for my own use, with my own message or do I have to use the prerecorded corporate message by the CMO or President? 


You may not create your own recorded message. This is not permitted because it breaks the proven classified ad system.  Your lone message is not proven and it is not as powerful. Imagine calling on a classified ad and hearing an average personal message vs. hearing the proven message given by your CMO or President of Essanté Organics. Removing their message and using your own removes your power.  The Corporate Message, provided by the global corporate officers lend you corporate backing.  They give you extreme power and lend you the highest credibility. The listener hears of a true company that is much bigger than just one person. This is the same reason we do not recommend using your cell phone (it can make what you offer look small and unprofessional).

Using your own 1-800# voice mail message is not permitted if you are using the classified ad system:  All people responding to classified ads (and car magnets and Post it notes) must hear the corporate voice mail by the CMO or President (as the Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book States). It is proven to capture more messages and it is long by design. Every sentence uses psychology & edifies the company and the system. It reaffirms the classified ad (or car magnet ad or post it note ad) and pre-qualifies each lead. It weeds out tire kickers by design, so our Executives only spend time with those who have true interest in working from home and earning commission. It ensures we are not offering income claims.  It does not bait and switch, it states network marketing, work from home, and independent contractor and these terms pre-qualify each caller. It keeps everyone FTC compliant. It also keeps your lead from seeing or hearing the company name, until you call and share or until you schedule them to meet you for an appointment (see the classified ad appointments posted on your website's Events - Calendar). 

Using your own 1-800# voice mail message is compliant. 

Why does the corporate message not say "Essanté Organics"? Read below.

Marketing Tip: When placing ads and inviting we recommend not sharing the words "Essanté Organics", because this can allow people to Google search Essante Organics, instead of leaving you a message. If you share "Essanté Organics" your guest or prospect can Google the company and they might make a premature, uneducated decision, or worse, they may find another Essanté Organics Executive, before speaking with you. It's important to use the 1-800# corporate message and then the Booking The Appointment Script (in your FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book) because you will capture their phone #, personally speak with them for 90 seconds, and direct them to video or a meeting with you... all before they hear the words "Essanté Organics". This proven system allows each prospect to get the proper information in the proper order so they can make the best decision for themselves ad their business future. 


Will gift cards be available for purchase?

A Yes. Please check your website Shop pages.  If a gift card is not currently available it will soon be offered for Customers and Executives to purchase.
Q What documentation / paper work / pdfs / forms are available for doctors offices, health care and emergency clinics, nurses, health care providers, massage therapists, aroma therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, etc. for them to give to their patients or clients? 
A Per our doctors, nurses, aromatherapists, and more: We offer a "Health Questionnaire" used by many clinics. It can be found in your Back Office - under Business - Tools. All other product information is listed on the website next to each product. Many times you can print the attached product PDFs next to each product. If a health care provider is interested in a quick glance of all ingredients direct them to your website's "Products - Download Labels" (an excellent quick reference guide and resource). 2 more excellent resources are your catalog and your website's Products - Quality Commitment page. 
Q What meta / tagline / motto / catch phrase / trademark should I use when creating an ad? 

If it’s a tagline for a product refer to the catalog text under each product title:

Kids Pops “Vitamins on a Stick”

Power Pops “Eat Candy Lose Weight”

Super Reds Powder “The nutrition of 5.5 pounds of of fruit per serving”

Supreme pH Drops “12 Drops for Perfect pH”

Calcium “Nature’s Antacid”

7.365 pH Shake “Alkalize. Energize. Metabolize.”

pHreshen Up Deodorant “Won’t Let You Down”

If it is a meta tagline used for internet search engines: 

best, top, vegan, protein, shake, organic, vitamins, minerals, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, greens, antioxidants, essential oils  

If it is a descriptive trademark phrase for  an ad:

The Organic Living Company ®  

Leaves Green Footprint ®

All product ads must have the FDA product disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Consult your physician, nutritionist and aromatherapist before beginning any new health care regime. 

All business / income classified ads must have the words “income potential” or “commission only” or “independent contractor” in the body of the ad. All visual creations must also have the   FTC income disclaimer: The FTC has not evaluated these statements. All incomes shared are hypothetical examples. 

Note: ALL personal creations must be submitted for compliance approval at Attn: Marketing Department

Q Can I turn my lead capture boxes, my free sample offer on or off?
A Currently the “lead capture box” / “sample offer” is not something you can turn off.  It was given to the field, at their request, because it does not “cost you money” it “creates money” for you. Please enjoy the free training to discover how 70% of all "free sample users" become Customers or Executives: - How to use my lead capture / free sample boxes to generate big income. 

I have links in my back office that direct people straight to certain pages of my website, but can I get the actual embed code for a page, like the join page, so I can create my own website with my own join page? And can I get some of the pdf documents too to embed on my website? 


Sorry but no. In order to maintain a high level of quality control we do not offer actual imbed codes. Our marketing and IT teams regularly update page content, functionality, pdf documents, etc. on all Essanté Organics websites, including yours.  This is all done from "Houston Control" so to speak, and this ensures all replicated Essanté Organics websites, including yours, remain compliant and operational at all times.  

If we release embed codes or pdf documents to individuals who are creating their own websites or their own marketing materials, we cannot ensure quality, functionality, revisions, superior branding, or compliance in relation to what they build.

In addition, all orders processed through each replicated Essanté Organics join and shop pages are intricately linked to our extensive commission system, ensuring you and everyone up the line receive proper compensation. It is vital we maintain control of this complex process, without splintering into individualized websites designed outside of our regulation. 

We recommend only using your state-of-the-art, $50,000 Essanté Organics website for all of your marketing needs, because it provides a spectacularly professional first impression for all guests, and because it works. It literally sells for you, because our Chief Marketing Officer ensures our marketing and IT teams build every page with specific attention to NLP (neurolinguistic programing) and sales psychology. It may not be the best idea to spend time and resources on building a different website, because it will cause confusion when guests arrive. It will also cause your guests to say, “Oh my, they built their own website… that means I have to build my own website, and I don’t know how to do that so I’m not going to join”.  Remember K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple).  Consider spending most of your time promoting and recruiting Customers and Executives, because this is the activity we pay you very well for.  And take great pride in your Marketing, Design and IT teams…. who all work for you. Have fun growing your business and showing everyone it’s an easy & comes with everything you need. 

If you are still set on creating your own website or documents please remember your complete website must be submitted to corporate for compliance and approval before use. And it is illegal to use our company name, it is illegal to use any of our trademarks, and it is illegal to use any of our product names in any domain or email address.  Please refer to your Policies and Procedures on your JOIN page. 

Q If I purchase 10 shampoos, and personally retail them to 10 different people by hand, would corporate refund the 10 different people or would they refund me because I bought them initially? 
A The purchaser of the 10 shampoos can receive a refund, based on our satisfaction guarantee at the bottom of the JOIN page. If an Executive chooses to purchase, stock, mark up and retail 10 shampoos directly by hand, to 10 different people, it's the Executive's professional responsibility to provide each of their private buyers with a receipt that includes the Executive's contact information and personal refund policy. The buyers would return their product to the Executive, in turn, the Executive would send the product back to us and we would refund the Executive based on our satisfaction guarantee at the base of the JOIN page. Storefronts and Expo Vendors use this practice.  Yet most individual Executives enjoy the easy life and they let us do the heavy lifting: they simply have each of their buyers order at retail from their website.  Their buyers receive Essanté's professional date stamped receipt with satisfaction guarantee and, if there's an issue, we provide excellent customer service and we refund the buyer directly.  This allows us to always maintain quality control (which is not possible with products sold aftermarket). All stores, including ours, do not accept returned merchandise without a receipt, because there's no record of original purchase. 
Q Does corporate condone / allow / cover / let Executives sell products on Ebay or Amazon or Craigslist? 

Please read the above Q&A example regarding retail sales. Corporate does not monitor items sold on Ebay or Amazon or Craigslist, etc., yet we do not recommend selling items for less than retail cost. It’s your professional responsibility to provide a receipt to each of your private buyers that includes your contact information and your personal refund policy. Corporate only provides refunds to individuals who order through an Essanté Organics website and who can furnish a back office receipt within 30 days of purchase. See the satisfaction guarantee on the Essanté Organics website for details. 

Any Executive may sell products on Amazon, etc. if they wish to. What we do for one Executive we must do for all Executives.  We are an equal opportunity company, therefore all Executives may operate their businesses through Business Expos, Health Fairs, Beauty Booths, Farmers Markets, Amazon, E-Bay, Craigslist, etc. We do not provide exclusivity for any one Executive.  Instead, it is each Executive's responsibility to secure exclusivity at each individual expo (most expos have vendors sign a contract and that contract often prohibits other franchise owners, or other sales reps from the same company, from securing a booth at the same expo).  

Receipts, Returns, Refunds and/or Exchanges:
  • Any Executive not directing people to order through their Essanté Organics Website is responsible for personally providing each of their customers with a personal receipt and guarantee.  Should any customer desire to return or exchange products they purchased from an outside source they must do so through the seller.  Outside sources include other non-Essanté Organics websites ie. Amazon or E-bay or Craigslist, or Expos, or Farmers Markets, or spas, or stores, or an individual's personal inventory, etc.
  • Sales processed through any Essanté Organics Website are guaranteed in full by Essanté Organics. Plus Essanté Organics handles all support including any returns, exchanges or refunds.  The buyer need only refer to their Essanté Organics receipt in their back office.   
For this reason, we recommend posting your Essanté Organics website link and processing all sales through that professionally and compliantly maintained portal. Your personal Essanté Organics website links are located in your back office and can be added to any social media page or other website, etc.  
Q As an Executive who enrolls a non-profit (someone who receives a complimentary fund raiser website), can the non-profit earn commissions? And as the referring Executive, can I also earn commissions on the sales produced by the nonprofit / fundraiser website owner?
A Yes. Non-profits are no different that Below Wholesale Website Owners, the only difference is they received their website at no charge. They can earn commission (if they are qualified) because they are a Wholesale Website Owner.  You may also earn commission from the volume they produce (if you are qualified). We recommend you remove all Below Wholesale Website Owners (for profit and non-profits) from your holding tank and position them into your green tree genealogy (binary) every Thursday, before midnight CST. Written directions are in your back office and quick trainings on how to get paid and how to position people are inside your training website (access your training website through your back office.
Q What is the difference between points and dollars and how do you use points (what are points for)? And why do some products have a lesser / less / lower point value?

The phrase in the video states:  "points are typically commensurate with the dollar".  In other words, whenever possible, the USD wholesale price is equal to the commissionable points, as shown below in this Nov 2014 pricing example (pricing and points are subject to change):

• Rejuvenate Moisturizer is $23 and 23 points
• Shower Gel is $14.25 and 14.25 points
• Shampoo is $18. and 18 points
• Small Hair Gel is $11.75 and 11.75 points
• Large Hair Gel is $18. and 18 points 
• Bamboo Experience is $18. and 18 points
• Small Body Butter is $14 and 14 points
• Bee Natural is $20 and 20 points
• Vitamin D is $30 and 30 points
• Calcium is $34 and 34 points 

Some products have a lesser point value, compared to the wholesale price, because they are far more expensive to produce, as shown below in this Nov 2014 pricing example (pricing and points are subject to change):

• 7.365 pH Shake $78.95 and 50 points
• z3 Trio $174 and 140 points

Points are what we pay Endless Team Bonus commission or Wholesale commission on.  Points are not redeemable for products. In other words, as a qualified Executive (someone with a website and a processed 75 point order every 30 days), would be paid 10% commission, on the following items purchased within their pay team (the team or leg with less volume) at any level of depth:

• Rejuvenate Moisturizer 23 points: Commission = $2.30 
• Shampoo 18 points: Commission = $1.80
• Vitamin D 30 points: Commission = $3.00
• Calcium 34 points: Commission = $3.40 
• 7.365 pH Shake 50 points: Commission = $5.00
• z3 Trio 140 points: Commission = $14.00

For a details on how well we pay visit your back office, click on the training website and enjoy the training titled "How To Get Paid".

Q What is the retail price, wholesale price or points of _____ (product)? Where can I find the retail, wholesale and point values? 

Retail Prices, Wholesale Prices & Point Values are located in 2 places on your website inside Shop & inside the Catalog:

1. Click Products then Click Shop: you'll see pricing next to each product (points are shown by logging in to your back office first).

2. Click Products then Click Catalog: you'll see all pricing & points in the last section titled Pricing Guide.

We recommend keeping a catalog with you at all times to use as a quick, at-a-glace reference for all pricing and point values.  Please refer to the website for the most up to date pricing and point values (the catalog is subject to change).   

Q I heard we can enroll children / kids in Essanté Organics. What is the legal age for a child to  work the business? What are the laws for child labor?  My grandson wants to learn the business. He is reading ingredient labels and has asked for his Below Wholesale Pack (business) and business cards for Christmas. He wants to come to networking events with me to learn the business!
A We love this question! When a child or grandchild watches you operate your Essanté Organics business from home, they are learning how to handle and run their own business by your example. This is the best way to teach a child how to communicate with others, how to follow up, how to be organized, how to operate a business, and how to become self sufficient and earn an excellent income based on what they are worth vs. working for someone else.  Kids quickly discover the part time hours and high commission they earn with Essanté Organics beats the hours and wages offered by that fast food chain on the corner. Google search child labor laws in your state. Kids are considered "legal working age" based on the state they live in. Also, with permission from mom or dad, kids can usually begin working at any age. Parents with a child actor or child model do this all the time. We are so excited for the youngster you're introducing to Essanté Organics, and we are excited for you too! Thanks for being a wonderful influence and mentor. And let your child or grandchild know we look forward to sending them their very first Essanté Organics MasterCard and loading it with their very first commission payment of many. 
Q How do I edit or cancel my monthly Easy Order / Auto Ship?

You are in charge of your order. To edit or cancel your order please visit your website now & click:

• Business Suite
• Back Office / Training / Tools 
• Key in your 8 digit ID# & password (if you forgot your password follow instructions shown) 
• Click "Orders"
• Click "My Monthly Order"
• Click "Edit" or Click "Cancel" 
• Click "Next" at base of page: after you click Cancel or make Edits, scroll to the base of the page & click next until complete
• Ensure edits or cancelation is complete BEFORE 6am MST on the ship date (orders are processed early each morning)

Q Do all Below Wholesale Packs, and the packs at the base of the Body & Spa Category, offer monetary savings? What savings and points can I expect?

In order to offer packs at below wholesale we must reduce the point value of the packs. 

Pack #620 Toxic Free Face:
Wholesale price, including the $2.50 catalog, would regularly be $62 (and 51 points)
We offer this pack at $55 (50 points)
You save $7.00 (you lose 1 point in order to enjoy this convenient pack & savings)

Pack #971 Toxic Free Bath & Laundry:
Wholesale price, including the $2.50 catalog, would regularly be $92.25 (and 83.30 points)
We offer this pack at $86.25 (75 points)
You save $7.00 (you lose 9 points in order to enjoy this convenient pack & savings)

Pack #972 Toxic Free Body & Home:
Wholesale price, including 3 catalogs for $8.50, would regularly be $140.25
We offer this pack at $117.25 (100 points)
You save $23.50 (you lose 2 points to enjoy this convenient pack & savings)

Below Wholesale Packs (see the JOIN button):
Each offers extreme savings & high commission, for these reasons all point values are:

  • 100 points for $199 Below Wholesale Packs (each includes 6 catalogs at $17)
  • 200 points for $499 Below Wholesale Packs (each includes 3 catalogs at $8.50)

Points are reduced (as shown above) in order to offer a high $50 or $100 commission to the qualified Enroller.

Points are reduced (as shown above) in order to offer an additional, high $10 or $20 commission to every qualified Executive up the line.  

  • $10 = 10% commission on the 100 points associated with each $199 Below Wholesale Pack enrollment that occurs in your pay team / pay leg / leg with less volume, regardless who the enroller is. 
  • $20 = 10% commission on the 200 points associated with each $499 Below Wholesale Pack enrollment that occurs in your pay team / pay leg / leg with less volume, regardless who the enroller is.

Below Wholesale Packs are special 1-time only introductory offers (no substitutions).  Each offers a savings range from $24.00 to $95.00. 

Q Do product ads or business ads work best and do they work best on Facebook or inside online job boards and classified ad sections?   Should I focus on selling the products or selling the business opportunity? 

Business / classified ads work best if you're focusing on leveraging yourself and building a team of sales people who operate outside of your efforts. Here's Angie analogy: imagine you own a McDonald's, yet inside your McDonald's you only sell burgers, burgers, and more burgers. And that's all you're focused on.  This is not a bad thing, selling burgers, like selling Essanté Organics products, will generate income for you. Yet now imagine selling McDonald's franchises. Imagine you get a commission each time you sell one and imagine getting a recurring commission, a cut or override on ALL burgers sold inside ALL franchises. You'd earn more income and the income would occur outside of your efforts.  This is how you should visualize your Essanté Organics business. All the websites within your 2 teams are generating sales, and you can earn an override /  commission / percentage / cut on the sales each website produces.   

We also recommend analyzing which ads are generating the most sales for you. This is helpful, because it allows you to focus on repeat posting (posting the same ad over) vs. designing multiple new ads. 

This is helpful in 2 ways:
1. It allows you to maximize your time wisely. 
2. It allows you to do what leading advertising firms do for Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Weight Watchers, McDonalds, etc.: they don't make dozens of unique ads, they make 1 or 2 ads and then they expose us to the same ad multiple times.  Multiple exposure ad campaigns are proven to generate more buyers.  

Consider reviewing your ads and ask yourself (per ad):
1.  how many times did I post this one ad?
2.  how many total people responded to this one ad?
3.  how many new Customers did I acquire from this one ad?
4.  how many new Executives did I acquire from this one ad?
5. How many times was this particular ad shared by others on my team?

Knowing this for yourself, will help you focus your efforts most powerfully on what truly works to grow your business, as opposed to creating design after design and perhaps not knowing which ones work. Or make it even easier on yourself and use the ads we've already created for you. There are over 70 PROVEN pre-written classified ads ready to go inside the FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book available at

Adding your professional unique 1-800# (with the powerful, proven corporate message) in the contact number field of each ad you place, will lend you extreme credibility, it will leverage your time & it will automatically keep you organized. Your 1-800# never misses a call & it allows you to keep your cell phone private. Your 1-800# notifies you (with a text or an email) that a new lead has called you and left you a message. You may check your 1-800# inbox online, where every message is kept in chronological order for you. It's like the perfect secretary who never takes a vacation.   

It's easy to process each person, who leaves a message in your 1-800# inbox.  You'll use the Booking The Appointment Script (a 90 second script) to book all callers for an appointment time to view the video or to meet with you.  After they view the video you'll immediately call them & sign them onto your team using the 8 Question Close Script. Both the "Booking The Appointment Script" and the "8 Question Close Script" are inside the FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book.  Statistically, our classified ads & the use of the 1-800# system are the most profitable ways to advertise, and receive unlimited leads that call you. It's one of the only ways to enjoy HOT leads through a cold market system.  If this sounds interesting to you, head to your back office, visit your training website, and click on #13 for your FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book & post your 1st ad today.

Q If I send a guest to my website, will they join me and my team? I am worried they will see the leaders and join their team instead. Why are leaders featured and recognized on the website and does this benefit me? 

When you send someone to your website and they complete the information inside your JOIN button, they are automatically attached to you and no one else. Your website is exclusive to you.  All those who visit and join on your website are automatically positioned into your Back Office Holding Tank or Green Tree Genealogy, whichever you choose (see your Back Office Profile and choose your preference).

All MLM (multi level marketing) companies place leadership stories and field recognition on their main website, not in the Back Office, in order to recognize those who take positive action & to inspire visitors with true stories that prove success is possible, by people from all walks of life. These stories edify your business choice and often help paint a picture for your guest. Many times just sharing these success stories will cause your guest to join your team.   

All of our globally recognized leaders are extremely professional and they are held to the highest standards.  Each is coached, just as our corporate staff is coached, to ask an important question if they receive a rare call from someone they did not outreach to, "How did you hear about us?"  Again, it's very rare yet if they hear someone other than themselves referred the caller, they immediately edify the Executive who referred them (the Executive who introduced the caller / guest to our company) and they put the caller in touch with the referring Executive immediately. Most leaders on the homepage have 1000's of Executives in their downline and they would never "shark" or "steal" a new caller away from them or from anyone else in the company, because it would create a bad reputation for the leader and they would be removed from the website and possibly the company if their actions were not compliant. 

We do have many people who are "double prospected" and in this case, quick follow up is important. For example: 

Alice is looking at the company because Bev shared it with her.  But Bev is slow to get back to Alice (or never asks Alice to join her team).

Because we are moving into momentum, Alice gets another call, this time from Charlie. 

Alice signs with Charlie because she is hearing about Essanté Organics for a 2nd time and she hears Charlie's excitement.  

Alice tries to remember the name of the person who originally called her. She thinks the name was Bev.  She assumes because Bev didn't ask her to join that Bev isn't good at follow through or that Bev is not interested in having Alice join her team.  

Alice should, but most likely won't, say, "Oh, thanks Charlie, but Bev already mentioned Essanté Organics to me, so I'm going to hang up with you, and instead I'm going to chase down Bev, and I'm going to ask Bev if she is still building her Essanté business, and I'm going to ask her why she didn't follow up with me, and I'm going to ask to join her team." 

This typically never happens because we coach all of our Executives that "the fortune is in the follow up" and thus you will be aware of the vital importance of immediate and professional follow up with each person you prospect. Remember, it is ultimately up to Alice to decide who she is most confident in, Bev or Charlie, and who she feels will show her the greatest support.

 Q  I've heard I (or a customer) can upgrade from Retail Customer (or Wholesale Website Owner) to owning a Below Wholesale Pack. Is this true and how does upgrading work?
 A Yes. A person may upgrade, 1 time, to a Below Wholesale Pack by contacting corporate.  If you already purchased a $29.95 Wholesale Website, that fee will be deducted from the Below Wholesale Pack price.  

Please view the packs on the JOIN page first. Then submit the following to corporate at (602) 595-7560 Subject line: Please upgrade me. Include your full name (as it appears in our system) your ID#, the name of your Enroller and their ID#, the Below Wholesale Pack # of your choice (#s are listed on the JOIN page), your email, your phone #, your SSN or Tax ID# (so we may pay you commission and provide you with an annual 1099 form), your method of payment (or say use credit card on file).  

The Below Wholesale Pack volume of either 100 or 200 points is assigned to the purchaser (they are qualified for all 6 bonuses and the free classified ad system with unlimited leads that call them for 30 days from their enrollment date).

In addition, you as the qualified enroller receive a $50 or $100 Enroller Bonus commission. In addition, you and every qualified Executive up the line will receive a $10 or $20 Endless Team Bonus commission (for all Below Wholesale Packs that are enrolled into your pay team / pay leg / leg with less volume). If the Below Wholesale Pack is enrolled into your power team / power leg / let with greater volume, the points/volume will be banked for you to use at a later date.

 Q Can Wholesale Customers or Retail Customers earn commission on the points generated underneath them?  
 A A qualified Wholesale Website Owner (Wholesale Customer) can earn commission on all points/volume underneath them, regardless if they personally generated those points/volume.  In other words, those who visit the JOIN page and choose $29.95 Wholesale Website Owner can begin earning commission as outlined on the JOIN page - Easy Order section. For details see - How to get paid. 

A Retail Customer cannot earn commission. They must upgrade to a Wholesale Website Owner or Below Wholesale Pack in order to become qualified to begin earning commission. (See upgrading above).

Note: we cannot pay commission on Below Wholesale Pack Owners or Below Wholsale Website Owners being held in any holding tank. Below Wholesale Pack Owners and Below Wholesale Website Owners must be removed from the holding tank (every Thursday before midnight CST).  Once individuals are removed from the holding tank and placed into the Green Tree Genealogy, then commissions are paid to all qualified Executives up the line. 

 Q  How to handle the money objection: "I don't have the money" or "this is too expensive" objection
1. Show them how to get the product for free.
2. Show them how expensive and sometimes dangerous the alternatives are.

1) Say this, "What if I could show you a way to get your products free?"
Then help your Wholesale Customer or Executive contact 4 people who would enjoy the same product.
Together, assist all 4 people to order at Retail from your Wholesale Customer or Executive's website.
Your Wholesale Customer or Executive will earn 30% retail commission on 4 sales.

Your Wholesale Customer or Executive buys 1 Super Reds Powder at Wholesale for $47.00.
Your Wholesale Customer or Executive sells 4 Super Reds Powders at Retail for $61.00 each.

Essanté Organics pays the seller the difference between Wholesale and Retail: $14 per Retail sale.
   $61.00 Retail price of Super Reds 
-  $47.00 Wholesale price of Super Reds
   $14.00 Retail commission paid per sale

$14 X 4 sales = $56.00 Retail commission paid to your Wholesale Customer or Executive.
Therefore the $47.00 Super Reds Powder they purchased at wholesale, is more than paid for because they earned $56.00.

Note: Retail commissions are paid to all Wholesale Customers and Executives regardless if they have placed a personal order.
It is the only commission bonus that is paid without needed to qualify with personal points (volume). 

2) Say this, "Allow me to share how our product is healthier and far less expensive than the alternatives"
Research the competitors costs and ingredients and outline them for your potential Customer or Executive. 

For Example: z3 Hollywood's Instant ToxicFree Facelift

Share the following:

  • Lancome... $244 ($175 anti aging serum and $69 eye cream) 
  • Botox injections.... $250 to $300 per area (forehead, frown lines, etc.)
  • Restylane injections... $450 to $600 per area (lips, marionette lines, etc.)
  • Surgical facelifts... $10,000
  • All of the above are filled with neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, carcinogens.
  • Some of the above are painful and some require healing time.
  • Some of the above require waivers due to severe dangers including facial paralysis & death.  
  • Essanté Organics z3 Trio... is just $174
  • That's about $5 per facelift
  • And the best part is... it's certified ToxicFree® and each ingredient delivers health benefits.   
  • Are you ready to look younger and fresher starting right now? 
  • Great let's order yours now (help them place the order).
  • Afterwards ask, "And would you be interested in getting this product for FREE?" (refer to the above).

For Example: Super Reds Powder 

Share the following:

  • Visualize going to the grocery store, this is stressful plus it takes gas, time & money.
  • Visualize filling 1 grocery cart with 5.5 pounds of organic fruit.
  • Now visualize filling 29 more grocery carts, each with 5.5 pounds of fruit.
  • How much do you think 30 grocery carts of organic fruit would cost?
  • Would you say $10 per cart is realistic?
  • If yes, 30 carts would be $300.
  • Could you eat the contents of one grocery cart per day?

  • Essanté Organics Super Reds Powder (30 servings).... is just $47.00.
  • That's far less than $300.00.
  • That's about $1.56 per serving.
  • Each serving has the nutrition of 5.5 pounds of organic fruit.
  • Are you ready for your family to start enjoying higher energy this week?
  • Are you ready for you & your family to start enjoying increased immunity & better health this week?
  • Great let's order yours now (help them place their order).
  • Afterwards ask, "And would you be interested in getting this product for FREE?" (refer to the above).
 Q  How do I change my password?

Here are the directions to change your password:

  • Please visit your personal website: domain name you chose
  • Click Business Suite
  • Click Back Office
  • Key in your Essanté Organics ID#
  • Key in your temporary password (if you forgot it contact corporate: 602-595-7560 or
  • Go to: Profile
  • Go to: Back Office Profile
  • Go to: Password
  • Edit your password by entering whatever you desire, and click save
 Q Is asking questions FTC compliant? Does asking the questions, "Do you want to make a million dollars" or "Do you want to make more money in one month than you now make in one year?" meet FTC approval about not making income claims, as questions are being asked and no income is being claimed? Especially if I add the FTC Disclaimer at the end of the question?
Great marketing question, here is your answer. No, the current income statements/questions you shared above, are not compliant.  They can be considered misleading, thus the FTC could consider them a grey area or illegal. You're on the right track though, just add one or two words, and your income questions will be great!

Please edit your 2 phrases to any of these:

Do you want to make a million dollars in commission?

Do you want the potential to make a million dollars or more? 

Do you want to make a million dollars as an independent contractor?

Do you want to make more money in commission, in one month, than you now make in one year?

Do you want the potential to make more money, in one month, than you now make in one year?

Do you want to make more money as an independent contractor, in one month, than you now make in a year? 

The above questions are compliant, and are no longer misleading, because they include the word "commission" or "potential" or "independent contractor". 

Using one of these 3 words is required, and this rule is shared inside the Ads, Scripts and Guidelines Book (located inside #13). 

Add the FTC disclaimer, "The FTC does not allow income claims. All income statements are hypothetical" verbally, or in small light colored text, at the end of any actual income figure (dollar amount) you share. For Example:

"As a Gold Executive you'd receive a 50% Matching Bonus.

Let's say you have 4 personally enrolled.

Let's say each is earning $1000.00/month in Endless Team Bonus commission.

You'd earn $50% of that $4000, or $2,000.00/month in commission.

The FTC does not allow us to make income claims, so this is a hypothetical example." 

Share this training with your team and in Essanté Nation if you desire and happy recruiting! 

 Q If a Wholesale Website Owner (Executive) has committed to 40 or 75 point monthly easy orders, but would later like to change the commitment to 100 points, will this Executive then qualify for all commissions?
Yes. 100 points processed every 30 days qualifies the Executive (Wholesale Website Owner) for all 6 bonuses and the FREE Classified Ad System, where unlimited leads call you. 

All 3 levels (40, 75 and 100 points processed every 30 days) qualify an Executive for different levels of commissions. Points can be processed as personal one-time order(s), personal Easy Order(s), Retail Sale(s), or any combination of these. See which bonuses 40, 75 and 100 points qualifies an Executive for by reviewing the base of the One Page Essante Earnings Sheet.  

View and print the One Page Essante Earnings Sheet on the website under Company - Business Center Ownership - Essante Earnings / Compensation. Or click this link:

Also, enjoy and share the trainings titled "How To Get Paid" and "How To Get The FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book" in your training website (visit your training website through your back office. 
 Q What is the Essanté Foundation and am I able to request a charity that Essanté Organics will donate to?

Proceeds from every purchase are donated each and every month to charities in need.  To request a charity please email a link to the website you recommend and include the reason for your recommendation. We receive many recommendations and we cannot donate to them all, yet each news letter shares the charities we donated to.  In the subject line write "Recommended Charity" and send it to


Q: How do I direct a non-profit (not for profit) person to receive their complimentary website for fund raising? 

A: Please direct tax exempt non-profits to:

1. Go to or the website of the referring Executive

2. Go to the Events Tab 

3. Click Fund Raisers

4. Click the blue button and submit the form (the referring Executive is noted on the form)

5. Read the full page to discover how fund raising works and which options are available 

The President looks forward to receiving, personally reviewing, and approving each completed form. The non-profit organization and the referring executive will both be notified of approval. Upon approval, the non-profit organization will be provided with a complimentary website.

 Q How do I direct a non-profit (not for profit) person to receive their complimentary website for fund raising? 

Please direct tax exempt non-profits to:

1. Go to or the website of the referring Executive

2. Go to the Events Tab 

3. Click Fund Raisers

4. Click the blue button and submit the form (the referring Executive is noted on the form)

5. Read the full page to discover how fund raising works and which options are available 

The President looks forward to receiving, personally reviewing, and approving each completed form. The non-profit organization and the referring executive will both be notified of approval. Upon approval, the non-profit organization will be provided with a complimentary website.

 Q Does Essanté Organics ship to Australia or other countries outside the USA? Which countries does Essanté Organics ship to and operate in? How do I get a shipping estimate? 
Essanté Organics ships, from corporate headquarters in Arizona, to over 40 countries. As you click the word "Country" on your website's JOIN page, you will see the entire list of countries we ship to, including Australia. Shipping estimates are based on weight and final destination.  To get a shipping estimate (from Arizona to any of the countries we ship to) please email all of the item code #s that will be ordered and the full ship to address to Customer Support will forward your request to our international shipping department and they will email you an estimate.  Soon you'll be able to order online and view the shipping costs prior to placing an order.  
 Q  If a Below Wholesale Website Owner has entered their SSN and has committed to a 40 or 75 point monthly Easy Order, but would like to change their commitment to 100 points monthly, will this Executive then qualify for all commissions?
Yes. 100 points processed every 30 days qualifies an Executive for all 6 bonuses and the FREE Classified Ad System, where unlimited leads call you. 

All 3 levels (40, 75 and 100 points processed every 30 days) qualify an Executive for different levels of commissions. Points can be processed as  personal one-time order(s), personal Easy Order(s), Retail Sale(s), or any combination of these. See which bonuses 40, 75 and 100 points qualifies an Executive for by reviewing the base of the One Page Essante Earnings Sheet.  

View and print the One Page Essante Earnings Sheet on the website under Company - Business Center Ownership - Essante Earnings / Compensation. Or click this link:

Also, enjoy and share the trainings titled "How To Get Paid" and "How To Get The FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book" at  In addition, an Executive can up their former monthly Easy Orders and qualify for the Expansion Race. See the next Q&A below....
 Q  Can an Executive qualify for the Expansion Race after their JOIN date? What if they haven't been on a 100 point monthly order yet they want to now qualify for the Expansion Race?
Your question is about the Expansion Race and how to qualify after one's join date. Yes, any Executive at any date after their join date, can contact President Dr. Levine at (602) 595-7560 Ext. 105 or Customer Support at and share their full name, ID#, original join date, and points ordered each month to date.  They can order additional product points to supplement any month that was less than 100 points.  Doing this can instantly bring them up to being qualified for the Expansion Race. 

For example:

  • January: 40 points processed (60 point deficit). 
  • February: 40 points processed (60 point deficit).
  • March: They decide to be eligible for the USA and all future Expansion Races.
  • March: They would need to order & process 100 points for March, plus 60 points to supplement January's deficit, plus 60 points to supplement February's deficit for a total of 220 total points processed in March.
  • April: 100 points processed 
  • May: 100 points processed 
  • And so on....
The above example shows how an Executive can bring themselves current and participate in the amazing Expansion Race. 
 Q Does Essanté Organics pay Executives in US Dollars only or do they pay each Executive in their own country's currency? 
 A Your Essanté Organics website accommodates all countries within the JOIN page - see the country drop down menu for the list of over 40 countries Essanté Organics ships to. International customers may order product and pay with the credit card of their choice. Currently all websites show product pricing in USD only. However, International Executives are paid in their own country's currency via the Essanté Organics Pay Card or Direct Deposit.  
 Q What's the best way to describe what you do for a living, when someone asks?  How should my spouse answer when they are asked what I do for a living? 

Today I contacted our CMO, Angie Levine, with the question: "How should my spouse (and me) describe what I do for a living?" 

Share this with your spouse.  When they are asked, "What does your spouse do?" 

They can answer, "My spouse owns an online global organic product store. Do you like to shop for organic products, products without toxic ingredients? Great! Here is his/her website. He's/She's also putting together a marketing team. Many work part time from home, many others earn 6-7 figures in commission. Would you know anyone who's interested? Great. What's your number? I will pass it on to him/her."

It's also a great to give your spouse some of your business cards, this way they too are prepared when they are out and about and can help others in need, by offering your products and business services.

 Q  How do you figure out the Endless Team Bonus? I see the chart but what is the detailed explanation of the Endless Team Bonus and how do you figure out each level of payment? 
The answer is shown below the Endless Team Bonus chart: 

Inline image 1

Level 1:
You have 2 executives.
The 2 executives are divided equally, 1 on your left team and 1 on your right team 
The 2 executives are on a 75 point order 
You would be paid 5% of both teams to the level of the lesser volume team (or 10% of the total lesser volume team)
2 executives x 75 points = 150 points x .05% = $7.50
1 executive x 75 points = 75 points x .10% = $7.50
you would be paid $7.50 for the month 
(we rounded down to $7 on the chart for a visually clean look)

Level 2: 
You have 2+4 execs for a total of 6 executives  
(2 on the first level, and 4 on the second level)
The 6 executives are divided equally, 3 on your left team and 3 on your right team 
all 6 are on a 75 point order 
You would be paid 5% of both teams to the level of the lesser volume team (or 10% of the total lesser volume team)
6 executives x 75 points = 450 points x .05% = $22.50
3 executives x 75 points = 225 points x .10% = $22.50
you would be paid $22.50 for the month 
(we rounded down to $22 on the chart for a visually clean look)

Level 3:
You have 2+4+8 execs for a total of 14 executives 
(2 on the first level, 4 on the second level, 8 on the third level)
The 14 executives are divided equally, 7 on your left team and 7 on your right team
all 14 are on a 75 point order
You would be paid 5% of both teams to the level of the lesser volume team (or 10% of the total lesser volume team)
14 executives x 75 points = 1050 points x .05% = $52.50
7 executives x 75 points = 525 points x .10% = $52.50
you would be paid $52.50 for the month 
(we rounded down to $52 on the chart for visually clean look)

Level 4:
You have 2+4+8+16 execs for a total of 30 executives 
(2 on the first level, 4 on the second level, 8 on the third level, 16 on the fourth level)
The 30 executives are divided equally, 15 on your left team and 15 on your right team
all 30 are on a 75 point order
You would be paid 5% of both teams to the level of the lesser volume team (or 10% of the total lesser volume team)
30 executives x 75 points = 2250 points x .05% = $112.50
15 executives x 75 points = 1,125 points x .10% = $112.50
you would be paid $112.50 for the month 
(we rounded down to $112 on the chart for a visually clean look)

Fast forward to level 8:
You have 2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256 execs for a total of 510 executives 
The 510 executives are divided equally, 255 on your left team and 255 on your right team
all 510 are on a 75 point order
You would be paid 5% of both teams to the level of the lesser volume team (or 10% of the total lesser volume team)
510 executives x 75 points = 38,250 points x .05% = $1,912.50
255 executives x 75 points = 19,125 points x .10% = $1,912.50
you would be paid $1,912.50 for the month 
(we rounded down to $1912 on the chart for a visually clean look)

and so on....

The Endless Team Bonus is paid weekly to qualified Executives who have generated 75 PSV. 

The Endless Team Bonus can be tallied in TWO WAYS and the income result is the same:
A. The system pays 5% of both teams down to the level of the lowest volume team. 
B. The system pays 10% of the entire pay team (the lowest volume team). 

If the two teams are uneven:
All remaining unpaid volume is banked, until you catch up to it and are paid on it.

Please also enjoy our detailed compensation video by Dr. J.J. Levine, President of Essanté Organics: 

Q If a person only purchases the website, without a Go-Green Pack (a below wholesale pack under Join & Save) do I receive a Go-Green Pack enroller bonus commission?
A No. Go-Green Pack Enroller Bonuses are only paid to qualified Executives when they sell a Go-Green Pack. The Enroller must be qualified at the time each Go-Green Pack is purchased. To qualify for the Go-Green Pack Enroller Bonus: 1) the Executive must be a Brand Partner; customers cannot earn commissions.  2) the Executive must be generating 75 points (PSV - Personal Sales Volume) at the time the Go-Green Pack is sold.  $499 - $455 Go-Green Packs offer a $100 Go-Green Pack Enroller Bonus. $249 - $199 Go-Green Packs offer a $50 Enroller Bonus.  
Q Are commissions paid on website only sales? 
A No. If a Brand Partner refers someone who only purchases a $29.95 website no commissions are paid. The website alone is a zero (0) point value.  Commissions are not available on website or tool purchases, only product and pack purchases. 
Q Is offering a website alone a good thing to do for job seekers or people who do not have $199 immediately? 
A Yes and No. See both answers below.
No. If you ARE using the Ads, Scripts and Guidelines Book, it is not recommended you offer $29.95 websites. We recommend you encourage your ad applicant to launch their global business properly, by asking a family member or friend to support them by supplying their initial $199 business investment. Remind them the average franchise purchase is hundreds of thousands of dollars with no guarantee. Remind them the $199 Go-Green Pack includes a global website and shop that is constantly updated and is valued at $72,000.00.  Remind them they never have to purchase or house inventory. Remind them an entire shipping and customer support team come with their purchase.  Let the job seeker know you will work with them and help them immediately enroll their 1st two people in the first day or two. Gather their list of 10 sharp, entrepreneurial people and help them call those 10 people immediately. Share the video with all 10 people and follow up with all 10 people. Do all this with the new person on the phone with you, so they are learning on the job.  As your new person  personally enrolls 2 people on a $499 or $455 Go-Green Pack - they will have made $200 (two $100 Go-Green Pack Enroller Bonuses). They will have made their initial $199 investment back immediately.  As you teach each person how to earn commissions, and as you help each person become successful and profitable right away, the $199 initial investment is a non-issue. In other words, you will have solved one of the 5 objections in network marketing: "I don't have the money". People who don't have the money need to make money. They need a work from home career with Essanté Organics to get themselves PROFITABLE and EARNING and RECEIVING money, regularly. Income they deserve and need. They will have the confidence to say yes to you as you commit to helping them earn income right away. 

Yes. If you ARE NOT using the Ads, Scripts and Guidelines Book, you may offer people the $29.95 website if you wish. Yet we also recommend you ask them to buy and try at least 1 product. So they can start living ToxicFree® and so they can experience our high quality. And so you can earn at least a small commission for your efforts. Ask them if they are open to throwing out at least 1 toxic product. Ask them if will throw away their toxic toothpaste and order USDA Biobased, ToxicFree® Sparkle Toothpaste - from their OWN website store (instead of ordering toxic toothpaste from Walmart). Remind them all our products come with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, so their is no risk. We recommend placing the website buyer in your calendar for 2 weeks out. Follow up with them at that time and ask what their favorite part of Sparkle Toothpaste is. IF they are a career seeker also share how they can start earning ToxicFree® products for "free" and show them how they can start earning serious commissions (by sharing the compensation plan with them).
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