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Non-profits are invited to partner with us for free

Car washes and bake sales are wonderful, yet why not offer your patrons refreshing, wanted and needed products? What if, as a school, church, or synagog leader you could offer a TOXIC FREE and ORGANIC solution?  What if you could raise far more, at every fundraiser, with your own FREE website? Discover how one fundraiser with 200 orders can generate $2,400.00 in retail commissions (shown in red below).

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Non-Profit Fundraiser Form

Essanté Organics provides a free $29.95 lifetime wholesale website to all non-profit organizations:

Essanté Organics is committed to providing a free global website (Business Center) to every non-profit organization. If your company is not-for-profit, you qualify for a free website.  Simply complete the  Non-Profit Fundraiser Form  and include your tax exemption number.  The President of Essanté Organics, Dr. Jonathan Levine, or another corporate member, will personally welcome you and ensure your verified, non-profit organization receives a complimentary lifetime website, no strings attached.  Then, you can refer people to your website.  As they buy products at Retail, from your website, you will earn up to 30% commission on each product sold.  You do not need to personally order anything to receive Retail commissions. Why does Essanté Organics give a free website to non-profit companies? For the same reason we developed the Essanté Foundation.  When a company gives back, they not only make a positive difference in people’s lives, they set an example for humanity. 

A Note to each Organic Influencer: As you refer a non-profit to Essanté Organics, you will receive commissions as usual. Qualified Essanté Organics Executives (Organic Influencers) receive commissions on all sales each non-profit generates, as outlined under Company -  Essanté Earnings (the compensation plan).  

How does it work and is it "no strings attached"?

Essanté Organics products are certified to contain zero toxins, so you will rest easy knowing you are offering your fundraiser patrons the highest quality products available. You be able to raise funds for your organization and, the best part is, everyone who purchases will be helping themselves and the planet go green.  As a non-profit, you will be gifted a lifetime Essanté Organics Website (a $29.95 value), at no cost or obligation.  It will be customized, with your name and photo at the top and it will be unique to you. You and your non-profit organization may order directly from your free Essanté Organics website, and Essanté Organics Corporate will do the rest: we stock, pack, ship and pay you each week, every time someone makes a purchase.  

Is it easy?

Yes. You’ll never again have to worry about baking cakes, hosing down cars, or having your children go door to door.  Gone are the days of making minimal money with exhausting fundraising endeavors. With Essanté Organics fundraisers there is no inventory to maintain and no cash box to keep track of.  Essanté Organics products are highly consumable products that people need and use every day.  Every time these popular daily-use products are purchased from your free website, your website rings up the sale, so fundraising occurs for you automatically! Essanté Organics puts the fun in fundraising.  

How long should my fundraiser last and how do I set it up? 

A fundraiser should last 1-4 weeks (one full calendar month is typical) however, Essanté Organics can be used as a perpetual fundraiser (or a profitable home-based business). Your fundraiser can be done in two ways: (1) Promote your website and ask everyone to visit and purchase, Or (2) Set up a weekend booth, have a Catalog QR Card on hand and use your laptop to enter orders in person.  Either way, you’ll process all of your orders through your free website and Essanté Organics will handle the rest, we even offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee to everyone who purchases directly from your website.

Once you've had your first fundraiser or two, you'll be a pro. At this stage, you may decide you would like to offer "instant gratification" to your fundraiser patrons - fundraiser pros often purchase products in bulk, at a discount, from their own website and sell those products at full markup during their fundraisers. This allows each fundraiser patron to buy on site and walk away with the product in hand. If you choose this method, you are in charge of offering sales receipts and handling returns and exchanges (if your fundraiser patrons order online, Essante Organics provides an emailed receipt and handles returns and exchanges).

Does my free global website (Business Center) operate differently?

No.  You will operate your free Essanté Organics global e-commerce website (Business Center) in the same way every one else does. Our Essanté Executives (Organic Influencers) purchased their website through the JOIN & SAVE button at the top of this website, and they operate their home-based, global e-commerce website (Business Center) for profit.  You will also be an Executive (Organic Influencer) yet what you choose to do with the fund-raising profits you generate with your free website is up to you. If you also want to operate for profit you can. It's up to you.

How do I generate income and what do I do with it?

Here's a good analogy: just as you would create a fund raising "car wash", and collect $10.00 per car that is washed.... you can create a fund raising "organic market" and collect $12.00 in retail commissions, for every shampoo & conditioner combo that is sold (see the example in red below).  Non-profits share their website and products with fund raiser patrons others.  Non-profits use their website as a hub to send their fund raiser patrons to.  Some non-profits direct the funds they raise back into their non-profit organization or they use the funds for field trips, etc.  All non-profits may generate funds by sharing 1 or 2 things: (1)Share Essanté Organics 100% certified ToxicFree and USDA Organic products.  (2) Share Essanté Organics global e-commerce Wholesale Websites (Business Center Ownership).  Non-profits may share either or both of these 2 benefits with their fund raiser patrons and others.  Only other non-profit organizations may receive a free website (direct them to this page) everyone else must order and pay for their $29.95 Wholesale Website through the JOIN & SAVE button at the top of each website.  

Do I have to sell a $29.95 website (a Wholesale Membership) to people? 

No. You can simply sell products at Retail pricing to every fund raiser patron. However, if one of your patrons asks for Wholesale pricing instead of Retail pricing, direct them to your JOIN & SAVE button at the top of your website (so they can become a Wholesale Member first). They can order at Wholesale on the spot by completing the quick JOIN & SAVE form.  Plus, they will receive their very own $29.95 website where they can order products at Wholesale in the future. We also offer a third option: If someone wants to earn an override commission on all prouct sales produced by other people will want to engage in the networking aspect. It’s much like offering franchises to others. You may share the benefits of Wholesale Website Ownership (Business Center Ownership) with others if you choose to.  Only those who choose to share the benefits will receive profits from said websites, because the person who helped them discover and open their “wholesale storefront” deserves compensation for referring them.  Most people ARE interested in owning their own Wholesale Website, if only for the ability to purchase products at wholesale. Reveiw the JOIN & SAVE button (above) and you'll discover there are 2 ways for folks to join: As a Wholesale Member (a customer only), or as a Brand Partner (a business owner who may refer others and earn commissions if they choose to. No one is ever under any obligation to refer others (promote the business or products), yet only Brand Partners are paid the highest referral fees in the industry (we pay commissions weekly, in 6 ways, as shown under DISCOVER CENTER - BUSINESS CENTER (See Essante Earnings).

Do I have to spend money to make money, or can I just offer the products at Retail?

You do not need to spend money to make money.  If you are only interested in Retailing products (earning retail profits from the Retail sales processed on your website), simply direct your fundraiser patrons (and others) to your website SHOP. There is absolutely NO PERSONAL PURCHASE NECESSARY FOR YOU TO RECEIVE RETAIL COMMISSIONS. Retail commissions generated are paid weekly to everyone who owns a website, regardless if they personally purchase products or not.

Ask your visitors to order toxic free products at retail, in your SHOP, and you will receive, on average, a 30% retail commission paid weekly on all product purchases. In other words, you can earn up to $30.00 every time your website sells $100.00 in retail products. Again, no purchase is necessary on your part. Retail sales are separate and are not related to the network portion of Essanté Organics. Retail sales are just that… retail. It’s like owning your own “storefront”, but instead of brick and mortar, it’s click and order. Oh and you get to operate your global “storefront” from your smart phone or your home-sweet-home.  It’s that easy.

Ok, I know several people who would switch to toxic free shampoo & conditioner, for a good cause and for their family’s well being:

Great.  Let’s say you have 200 members who are willing to make a positive choice.  They are willing to stop using their toxic shampoo and toxic conditioner and they are willing to start using Essanté Organics shampoo and conditioner.  Two things will happen.  Those lucky 200 people are now much safer and healthier (and so is Earth's water supply).  And, because these 200 people are now buying Essanté Organics shampoo and conditioner (from your website) they will be very proud to know they collectively raised $2,200.00 a month in recurring fundraising profit (retail profit), as they continue to order shampoo and conditioner each month.  Here’s how…

How much income can I expect my fundraiser to generate?

Here is a lowball, hypothetical demonstration.  Let’s say you’ve chosen to operate your website using only the retail aspect (1 of 6 ways we pay commissions).  Here’s what you can expect to raise in funds:  For example, let’s say you have 200 members in your non-profit congregation or school, etc.   They are all washing and conditioning their hair daily, most likely with products that contain cheap, harmful, toxic chemicals.  As you share Essanté Organics shampoo and conditioner with those 200 people, and as they switch from buying at Wal-Mart to buying from your free website (and subsequently their place of worship or their school, etc.), you will generate $2,400.00 per month in funds:

200 orders (# of members who order shampoo and conditioner at your fundraiser)
x $12.00each  (the Retail profit from each order of 1 shampoo & 1 conditioner) 
= $2,400.00 month  (total earned in retail commission / fundraiser income as 200 people reorder each month)
Retail commission is paid weekly so you would receive $600.00/week as 200 members order monthly

Essanté Organics has an entire catalog of products including home products, baby products, essential oils, pH nutrition products and more, so consider showing off the catalog at your next fundraiser because that action can result in a far more profitable fundraiser.    

What if someone wants a refund? 

This is a great question.  Most individuals who order at a fundraiser do not ask for their money back.  If they buy a cake that is dry, or receive a car wash that is less than shiny, they smile and say, “It was for a good cause”.  Yet if anyone does want a refund, the Essanté Organics fundraiser is the epitome of professionalism.  As long as they order directly from your website, Essanté Organics offers a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If anyone is not completely happy with their 100% certified ToxicFree™ and organic product, they may call or email Essanté Organics Corporate and allow the customer support team to make it right. All returns require an RMA# (Return Authorization #) and are subject to shipping fees and a 15% processing fee, as outlined on each receipt.   

I’m ready to promote a healthier, fun and more profitable fundraiser using my FREE, no-strings-attached website.  How do I get started? 

It’s quick and easy to get started; just complete the form below, scan it and email it to

Non-Profit Fundraiser Form

Dr. Levine, our President, or one of our support members will contact you and the person who referred you, upon receipt of your form. Enjoy! Thanks for becoming a Fundraising Partner with Essanté Organics and thanks for making a difference!

As Seen On TV


Essanté Organics is ranked as the #1 publicized company in our industry, and the remarkable part is they do not pay for ads or endorsements.  Essanté Organics' media appearances have & continue to be unsolicited.  Advertizers ask Essanté Organics for the privilege to feature their products, without financial incentive, because their products are industry disruptive, they impact people and the planet in a profound way, and they deliver results. 

Mr. Michael Wenniger, CEO of Essanté Organics, has appeared in more television & print media than any other CEO in the direct sales industry. The media attention focused on Essanté Organics is due to the exceptional performance of their organic, Toxic Free®, and pH balanced products, including their 2004 patented flagship product, Power Pops, the original and only “Eat Candy & Lose Weight” lollipop. Over 50 million Power Pops have been sold to date. 

Essanté Organics has received media attention for their alkalizing pH balanced nutritional products, their gold-metal award-winning anti-aging ingredients, and more. This publicity lends powerful product & business credibility to those who refer to Essanté Organics, as products have been featured:

1.  IN MAGAZINES:  Elle, US Weekly, Star, Vogue & more.
2. ON TELEVISION:  Extra TV, Good Morning America, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Tyra Banks & more.
3. ON THE RED CARPET:  The Oscars, The Emmys, The Grammys, The Golden Globe & SAG Awards, The Country Music Awards & more. 

Essanté Organics is home of, “z3: Hollywood’s Instant ToxicFree® Facelift In A Bottle”. The active ingredient, z3, is a revolutionary, gold-medal-award-winning, patented tri-peptide, composed of organic stem cells.  z3 is clinically proven to support the repair of DNA and the generation of 17 times more collagen and elastin. z3 erases wrinkles, removes dark circles, lifts sagging skin and stops eye puffiness. This z3 product line, is used by many hollywood stars, and has been featured at multiple Red Carpet Events.    

The unprecedented, unsolicited publicity Essanté Organics continues to receive has given them the illustrious status of being featured in the media more than any other company in history of our industry. Why? Because Essanté Organics bases everything they do on one simple solution on a global scale - they supply what people want and need the most, products without toxins, and an optional home-based business where anyone can join the ever-growing organic industry and supply the demand. Supplying what the masses demand is the best way to earn more income in a shorter period of time. This strategy can allow you to retire sooner than those who do not capitalize on timing. 

Supplying the demand - the next 4 trillion dollar industry

The world is only going green once.  This massive global shift in economic spending is creating a high demand and we need your help.  The green economy is the next 4 trillion dollar industry, constituting the largest sector of business the world will experience.  Imagine the excitement of supplying a demand that is insatiable.  Now visualize suppling the largest sector of consumers, at the perfect time, by partnering with Essanté Organics, Business For Home's choice for Best Company (twice), Best Products, Best Commissions & Pay Plan, Best Training, Best CEO, and Most Solid Company. When's the last time you worked with a 7-time award-winning company? When's the last time you were part of a powerful mission that makes a difference? Timing is a critical factor for success in business, and Essanté Organics is the first USA based company of its kind to supply 100% certified ToxicFree®, organic and wild crafted commodities (daily use products) on a global scale.  Join our team of Essanté Executives and you'll positioned perfectly. Couple these business factors with the direct sales industry, which ranks among the top income generating industries, and you have an exciting, rewarding business from home that's more profitable than:

1.  THE NFL: $9 billion dollar industry
$50 billion dollar industry 
3.  MUSIC:
$70 billion dollar industry
$110 billion dollar industry
$114 billion dollar industry

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