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Are You An Ideal Candidate?

Our business owners (Brand Partners) share a passion for delivering a superior organic experience. If the following describes you, you're an ideal candidate:  

  • I want to be in control and own my own business; one that makes a difference.
  • I want to supply an insatiable demand in the multi-trillion dollar green economy.
  • I am interested in the fastest growing and largest business sector in the world - green living.
  • I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives and in the environment.
  • I have a professional business skill set that I will apply and expand.
  • I want a professional, global, e-commerce website that is a maintenance free bargain.
  • I am interested in increasing my health and net worth and I like the idea of no territory limits or income ceiling.
  • I have insights into the markets I will operate in and I could work at least 7-10 hours a week.
  • I want to build a business that lasts and can be sold or added to my trust or will.  
  • I like the idea of owning a business, with subscription-based customers, that pays me weekly.
  • I am excited to procure and support organic Customers and/or Brand Partners (marketers).
  • I might enjoy posting $35 pre-written classified ads and directing each caller to view this page (optional).
  • I want to work part-time from home, have fun, and be a proud green business owner.  
  • I would consider working full-time from home as my Essanté Organics income increases.
  • I would commit to the free online training, to operate my business professionally, and I do not quit things easily. 
  • I have $29.95, $199 or $499 to initially invest in my business & look forward to the home-business tax deductions approved by my CPA.

The figures below are just the nuts and bolts

The investment choices and income projections below are important yet, to us, passion is the #1 qualification for becoming an Essanté Organics Business Owner (Brand Partner).  Our culture is based on the sum of the Essanté Energy within each of our individual Brand Partners.   

Estimated recommended initial one-time investment 

You will choose one: $499  /  $199  /  $29.95    

One-time website charge

$29.95 (no other website fees are charged, ever)

We supply you with a pre-built, compliant, global website complete with a world class shopping cart valued at $72,000. Your one-time website investment of $29.95 also includes your own personal URL web address, your photo, and your contact information. Your stunning global website is automatically updated, on a regular basis, with spectacular banner ads, fantastic product content and new sales which you can promote regularly to the customer base you build. Simply send people to your website and ask them to order toxic free products at retail, wholesale, or below wholesale (Go-Green Packs are marked below wholesale).  Each sale is tracked in your website's back office. You may purchase a $29.95 website OR you may purchase a $199 or $499 Go-Green Pack (Go-Green Packs include the $29.95 website plus our top selling products at a substantial discount and are limited to one Go-Green Pack per person). All 3 options are inside JOIN & SAVE (above) under Become an Organic Brand Partner- this way you can determine which option is best for you: $499, $199, or $29.95. Your global website is immediately activated upon purchase, allowing you to operate your business in over 40 countries and growing.

Estimated monthly operation cost 

You will choose one:  $100  /  $75  /   $40  /  $0 (See Essante Earnings below)
Plus whatever marketing budget you prefer, if any.
Unlike most businesses, your Essante Organics business does not require rent, electricity, payroll or insurance expenses.

Global shipping & customer support center costs


You have an entire team at corporate headquarters who work for you. Our receptionists, our customer support team, our shipping staff, our formulation team and even the corporate leaders all work for you, by handling all the day to day operations of your global company.  This frees you up to focus on the one activity that pays you top industry dollar - marketing Essante Organics products and/or careers to others.

Business term and satisfaction guarantee

The term of your business is... as long as you like. You may build your Customer and/or Brand Partner clientele and then keep it. Or you may sell your business or place it, and the income it generates, into your will or trust at anytime. Most of our Brand Partners work about 7-10 hours a week building a profitable recurring income, because green and organic products are in high demand. The goal for most Brand Partners is to build their cumulative recurring weekly income (subscription-based Easy Orders) quickly, to surpass their current employee take home pay (or their current business income).  Many Brand Partners build to a highly profitable level and keep their cumulative recurring-order income (weekly commissions from all Easy Orders) in their family, for generations to come.  Recurring income is generated, without further effort on your part, as your customers repurchase highly consumable commodities that are necessities: Body, home, and health products made with certified ToxicFree®, organic and wildcrafted ingredients that are guaranteed. Daily-use products include: Organic Deodorant, Organic Body Bar Soaps, Organic Bug Spray & Repellent, Organic Hairspray, Organic Lip Balms, Baby Care Products, Home Care Products, pH Nutrition Products, Supplements, Organic Vegan Protein Shakes, Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils, and more. Plus, not only do we offer every customer who orders products directly from your website a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer our business owners (Brand Partners) the same product guarantee (see the 30 DAY GUARANTEE & RETURN POLICY at the base of every web page.

Income projections

Due to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) restrictions, we are unable to provide you with specific income projections. To learn more about how we pay the highest commissions in the industry view Essanté Earnings at the base of this page. We offer all 6 of these commission payouts to all qualified Brand Partners:

  1. 30% Retail Commissions
    (paid weekly, up to 30% paid on all retail customer sales you personally acquire, $0 purchase and $0 quota required, no limits)
  2. $50 or $100 Go-Green Pack Commissions
    (paid weekly, $50 or $100 paid on every Go-Green Pack you personally sell, no limits)
  3. $500 Gold Bonus
    (one-time $500 bonus, for reaching the status of Gold in your 1st 30 days)
  4. 10% Endless Team Bonus (ETB)
    (paid weekly, an override on all wholesale volume in your team, regardless if you personally enroll them, no limits)
  5. 25% - 100% Matching Bonus
    (paid weekly, an override on every one of your personally enrolled Brand Partner's ETB regardless of their rank, no limits)
  6. 1% Expansion Race Bonus 
    (paid annually, profit sharing per region for the 1st 50 Brand Partners to reach quota in that region, unlimited regions)  

PSV = Personal Sales Volume or Points (associated with products you and/or your retail customers purchase)  
0     PSV is required to earn Retail Commissions (#1)
40   PSV is required to earn half of Endless Team Bonus (#4) and Retail Commissions (#1)
75   PSV is required to earn 5 commission bonuses (#1 - #5)
100 PSV is required to earn all 6 commission bonuses (#1 - #6)

Tax deductions

Many business owners (Brand Partners) enjoy one of the greatest tax benefits in the USA: tax deductions related to a home-based business. Ask your CPA about substantial write offs including your products, mobile phone bill, travel expenses, gas expenses or mileage, meal expenses, computer and office supply expenses, and more. We are not CPAs (this is our disclaimer), yet we highly encourage you to contact yours. We know you will be extremely pleased. Home-based business tax deductions can be significant.

24/7 training

We promise to take good care of you.  All new business owners (Brand Partners) enjoy a global website that is immediately activated. Your website is valued at $72,000.00 and it includes a free Back Office where you may access our free, award-winning, proven, online training system. Follow this free online training system at your own pace, because it allows everyone, regardless of skill set, to become a skilled Brand Partner and Business Center Owner.  Our exclusive, free training website is for Brand Partners only and includes:

  • How to get started
  • How to join Essanté Nation - our secret Facebook Support Group Community 
  • How to get unlimited leads that call you - The FREE Classified Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book 
  • How to get your own 1-800 number with the corporate voice message and lead tracking system 
  • How to share your shopping cart products on social media and how to use other marketing tools
  • How to prospect, invite and present
  • How to answer the top 5 questions / objections
  • How to use the 8 Question Close to allow guests to close themselves organically, based on their needs 
  • How to use your Back Office (to track orders, commissions & team production, to contact Customers and Brand Partners) 

Supply the demand

We believe everyone deserves to find their true passion. And those who are fortunate enough to get paid for acting on their passion are blessed beyond measure. Why not get paid for leaving a green footprint and making the world a better place? Why not feel really good about what you do in business? People are demanding toxic free and organic products faster than suppliers can accommodate them.  Buyers are going to order organic products from the world wide web, why shouldn't they order them from your website? Why not supply the massive demand for organic living & leave your positive mark on the world? Put a fraction of your trust in us now and join a force for good that offers the highest paying commissions in the industry.  Plus, we support every product purchase with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and there are no personal or group sales quotas or minimums involved. Leave as small or large of a green footprint as you like.

Start your career today

Choose A or B.

A) If you would like more information on our multi-award-winning company, products or top paying commission plan:
Take the 12-minute company video tour below (also located at
Or enjoy the 12 minute audio instead by dialing 1 (618) 355-7333.
Afterwards, outreach to the website owner shown at the top left of your screen.


B) If you are ready to launch your new green, global, e-commerce business and website now, it's easy:
1st:  Click JOIN & SAVE at the top of this website and choose 'Brand Partner'.
2nd: Visit your beautiful new website and congratulate yourself because your journey to success has begun.
3rd:  To start earning income right away: immediately contact your mentor for their team training or go to the free, award-winning, proven training system located in your brand new Back Office. Complete the 1st training listed in your 1st 48 hours because the 1st Back Office Training is the #1 tool that helps people start earning income right away. Also, consider adding your Soft Business Grand Opening Party to the COMMUNITY CALENDAR in the Back Office. People love being invited to a soft business grand opening or party of any kind! Consider offering free product tastings (serve samples of Super Reds, 7.365 pH Protein Shakes, and let everyone leave with Sparkle Toothpaste Samples). Consider letting those with an entrepreneurial skill set know we are looking for more green-minded people who can professionally market our products and/or be a green business broker, from home. Every new business deserves a soft grand opening - including yours!    

Welcome aboard and if you need anything at all just click HELP (above).  We are here for you every step of the way.   

See labels for organic ingredients