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Meet Dr. J.J. Levine

Dr. J.J. Levine

with a history of success

Essanté Organics', CEO, Mr. Michael Wenniger was determined to have an expert wellness physician and a highly successful direct sales leader as Essanté Organics’ President.  Michael was laser-focused on choosing a perfectly suited President to lead Essanté Organics' mission, corporate staff and field.  Michael required someone he could trust implicitly, someone well known for their unwavering ethics, and someone with an extremely high level of business success, in both the wellness and networking industries. Dr. Jonathan James Levine was at the top of Mr. Wenniger's list of 7 candidates.  Michael courted Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Levine for over a year, wanting to harness their passion, high-energy, dual industry expertise, integrity, focused commitment and proven business systems to lead Essanté ORGANICS to a global, billion dollar status. Dr. J.J. Levine joined the Essanté Organics' corporate team, as President, in 2011 yet his story begins 20 years earlier…

Dr. Jonathan James Levine graduated in the fall of 1991 from Life University, College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 1992 Dr. J.J. Levine began building his practice in Arizona by personally recruiting his very first patient.  He continued to personally develop his practice and soon, he built a renowned, referral-only wellness facility caring for 150 patients a day. To date, Dr. J.J. Levine has cared for over 4,000 patients and people continue to travel to his multi-million dollar facility (some from out of the country), to receive his care and guidance on how to live a healthy life.  Today Dr. J.J. Levine practices chiropractic part time, 16 hours a week.  He works with a team of hand-selected doctors who mentor with him and assist him in caring for his patients, while he dedicates himself to the full time, day to day operations of Essanté Organics.  

Dr. Jonathan Levine and his wife, Angie Bolender Levine, Essanté Organics’ CMO, built a dynasty of multiple residual international income streams through direct sales and real estate ventures, beginning in 1993. They are a well-known power-couple in network marketing, having garnered countless awards as top trainers & income earners.  Dr. Levine is a renowned wellness trainer of thousands and a radio personality who has opened on stage for Dr. Deepak Chopra, the world's most famous wellness physician.

In 2011 Dr. J.J. Levine began his position as President of Essanté Organics because of 5 vital and key business factors: 

  •   The mission: to be the leader in the green, organic movement.   
  •   The timing in business: young, pre-momentum stage.
  •   The global market trend: the next 4 trillion dollar industry.
  •   The products: superior purity, quality and clinical results.   
  •   The compensation plan: superior and unlimited payout. 

Dr. Levine's loyalty and devotion to Essanté Organics is apparent in every action he takes.  You can find Dr. J.J. spending some of his long hours in the trenches of the customer service and shipping departments because he expects his staff to perform superiorly yet he does not expect them to do anything he isn't personally willing to do.  Dr. J.J. often works straight into the night because he is passionate about assisting Essanté Organics’ customers and Wellness Warriors (Essanté Executives). Dr. J.J.'s true passion is educating people to help them get well and stay well and helping people live free, chemical free and financially free. Dr. J.J. believes in delivering 100% certified Toxic Free ™. During his free hours he enjoys playing with his Jack Russell Terrier.  His favorite thing to do during his down time is to enjoy a good movie at the theatre with his family.  

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