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The Entire Team

Meet Daniel Wenniger

Corporate Leadership:
Michael Wenniger, Owner & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jonathan James Levine (Dr. J.J.), President
Angie Levine, Chief Marketing Officer
Linda Wenniger, Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Wenniger, Chief Communications Officer &
Essanté Foundation Founder®

International Support Team:
Lily N., Shipping Manager
Betty D., Warehouse Manager
Jamie G., Support Team Leader
Chenay G., Support Team Leader
The Entire E-mail Support Team

Many of you work before 9am, after 9pm, on weekends, and/or on holidays; even though you are not asked to, you want to, and we appreciate each of you.

Marketing Team:
Angie Levine, Chief Marketing Officer, Web & Print Designer
John R., Lead Marketing Assistant, HTML Director, Javascript Director
Austin R., Javascript Assistant
Daniele C., Social Media Assistant
Joe B., Apparel and Gear Assistant
Jeff G., Event Assistant
Anthony G., Event Set Up Assistant
Eric T., Event Set Up Assistant
Chris C., Web Programming Liaison & Assistant
Tinna T., Packaging Container Assistant

Commissions Team:
Dr. Jonathan James Levine, President
Linda Wenniger, CFO
Tyler B., Commissions Assistant
Jason B., Commissions Assistant
Meytav T., Commissions Assistant

Formulation Team:
Michael Wenniger, CEO
Dr. Jonathan James Levine, President
Stella W., Body & Spa
Harold M., Body & Spa
Pete L., Body & Spa
Shelley L., Body & Spa
Dr. Barry C., Baby Care
Lorraine D. Essential Oils
Scott O., Essential Oils
Mike L., pH Nutrition
Dr. Ashley M., pH Nutrition
Denise B., pH Nutrition
Craig B., pH Nutrition
A.J. R., Home Care
Robert H., Home Care

Web Programming Team:
Jerry R., Lead Programmer
Adam R., Lead Programmer
Cary D., Lead Programmer
Doug K., Lead Programmer
Wayne H., Lead Programmer
Dino T., Design Programmer
Chris C., Marketing Team Liaison
Toby H., Marketing Team Liaison
Tyler B., Commissions Team Liaison
Joseph S., Assistant
Stephen R., Assistant
Mark L., Assistant
Chip D., Assistant
Val R., Assistant
Vicki R., Assistant

It takes a village and we thank you all for your outstanding efforts.
Last names are confidential, for proprietary and privacy purposes.

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