Our Story

Essanté Organics is a 7 time award-winning company. Business For Home has recognized us with these awards: Best Company (twice), Best Products, Best Training, Best Compensation & Commissions, Best CEO, and Most Solid Company, yet Essanté Organics story started long before all that, first…

We noticed a big problem 

From the shampoo you use on your head, to the lotion you use on your toes, we noticed something scary - 99% of the products out there, even baby products, contain cheap, toxic, chemical fillers.  Companies make products in this way to increase their profit, even though it harms the consumer. Thousands of popular and legal toxic ingredients are absorbed through the skin in 26 seconds, accumulate in the organs, and are known neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, and carcinogens. We also noticed neurotoxicity, hormonal issues, and cancer are three epidemics. We don't believe in coincidence; we put two and two together and made a decision.  We decided to pull back the shower curtain and expose the toxic truth and stop the toxic overload happening to people and our planet. 

We also noticed most people are highly acidic versus alkaline (pH balanced). An acidic body is a breeding ground for disease, yet an alkaline (pH balanced) body makes it difficult for disease to grow. We noticed perfect pH balance for humans is 7.365 yet most people, when their saliva is tested, are no where near 7.365.  So, we decided to stop the toxic overload in two ways - by offering ToxicFree and USDA Organic products that promote healthy pH balance (see labels for organic ingredients). 

We provided an easy solution

We created a company that only permits ToxicFree and USDA Organic ingredients that promote healthy pH balance.  Nothing else is permitted (see labels for organic ingredients). In 2009, Essanté Organics formulated and launched the first of many ToxicFree and USDA Organic products, guaranteed to work better than anything you've used before. The demand was so great, we decided to pay commissions to the people who were sharing our organic body products and organic supplements with others. It just made sense to us.  Why not help people in two ways? 

  1. We help people live a ToxicFree, organic, and pH balanced life by offering the finest body, home, nutrition, supplement, and essential oil products. And we guarantee our products will become your favorite products; items you simply cannot live without. We coined the phrase, "Leaves Green Footprint" and we want our retail customers and wholesale members to leave as large of a green footprint as they wish.
  2. If one of our great customers or website visitors wants to become an Organic Influencer (someone who shares their product testimonials and/or business testimonials with others), we pay them really well to do it; we help people prosper financially, by paying the highest repeat commissions in the industry, each time they refer Customers and/or Organic Influencers. We offer the best work from home remote jobs / careers / businesses.   

We feel excited about our mission because we are helping people in need. We think everyone should get to feel as excited as we do.  Everyone deserves a rewarding mission.  Everyone deserves a global web presence.  Everyone deserves the ability to eliminate toxins and financial stress from their life and experience unlimited income potential. So, in addition to offering the greenest products on earth, we offer solid work from home remote jobs and careers too.

We've got you covered

If you're a person who wants and needs ToxicFree, USDA Organic, and pH balanced products - we've got you covered (see labels for organic ingredients).

If you're a person who wants a business you can operate from home, grow at your own pace, and place into your trust or will - we've got you covered there too. 

Either way, you're helping yourself and the environment and you're part of the solution when you join forces with us.

We grew our story - by launching The Essante Foundation

  1. We love providing truly safe and organic products including body, baby, household, outdoor, nutrition, supplement, and therapeutic products with zero toxins.
  2. We love helping people change brands to more convenient, cost-effective, beneficial products that are guaranteed to work.
  3. We love seeing you experience the best organic products and paying you the highest commissions in the industry as you share them with others.
  4. Imagine receiving weekly commission payments, every time your customers brush their teeth and wash their hair. Cool, right? We love that too!

Yet we thought why not do a little more? What if there were a way to make an even bigger impact?

So we launched The Essante Foundation. Proceeds from every purchase help provide clean water, feed the hungry, clothe the cold, shelter the homeless, preserve endangered species, and protect the environment. You can become instantly philanthropic simply by ordering products which support you and the planet, from your own Essante Organics website.

We invite you to become part of our story

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There are no strings attached

Leave as large or small of a green footprint as you like, as often as you like.
Enjoy ToxicFree stress-free shopping - every product is backed by our 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee. 
And every order makes a difference. Thank you. 

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