PH Test Kit (100 tests)

pH Alkaline Test Kit (100 Tests)
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pH Alkaline Test Kit, 100 tests, Saliva or Urine, roll of pH paper, colored pH graph

Place paper in saliva or urine. 100 tests. Seeing is believing! What will you score? What will other's score?

If a fish is in water that is not pH balanced, he will become sickly or die.  The same holds true for all organic matter... even you.  Be wise.  Alkalize. Perfect pH for humans is 7.365. Will you score high or low? When you test other's saliva what will they score high or low?

Measure & Motivate:
If you are using (or selling) pH products shouldn't you test your (and your customer's) saliva to know each person's pH level instantly? You'll be shocked to discover most people are highly acidic.... and once this discovery is made.... everyone wants to order and regularly consume pH balancing (alkalizing) products because it is scientifically proven disease has a more difficult time surviving in an alkaline environment yet thrives in an acidic environment. It's easy to alkalize with Essante Organics because we offer the strongest alkalizing products on earth, guaranteed.

Instantaneous Proof:
This small pH Test Kit is a spool of pH paper (approximately 15 feet). Tear about 2 inches of thin pH paper off the spool and test your saliva or your first urine stream. This kit provides about 100 tests and it comes with a pH measuring color scale spectrum on the front. So, the moment you or your customer tests their pH you/they can immediately see where you/they fall on the spectrum, It's instantaneous. It's time to know exactly how acidic (yellow) or how alkaline (dark green 7.365) you and your customers are.

To test saliva: Tear off 2 inches of pH paper and place it into your saliva for at least 3 seconds. Remove it and immediately compare the wet paper to the color chart. The closest color match determines pH level.

To test urine: First stream urine can be most accurate. Dip approximately 2 inches of paper into urine flow, or deposit urine into a cup & dip paper into urine. Immediatley compare wet paper to the color chart. The closest color match determines the pH level.

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