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12 Probiotic pHlora

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The Problem:
  • Consuming meat, carbonated drinks, coffee, sugar & medication can destroy vital flora & deteriorate your GI tract.
  • Aging & stress may destroy flora too.
The Solution:

Our proprietary, patented processing technology makes Probiotic pHlora the ONLY probiotic formula in the world proven to cultivate, multiply, grow & colonize inside the human body after consumption.

  • Complete GI (Gastrointestinal) support formula for ages 2 years+
  • Aggressively destroys overgrowth of bad bacteria including yeast
  • 7 billion "good" bacteria which grow, cultivate, multiply, & colonize in the body
  • Digestive, urinary, colon, elimination, gas, bloating & yeast reduction support
  • Supports properly balanced bacterial flora & pH levels
  • Supports immunity, cellular health & detoxification
  • 7 healthy bacteria strains including the most expensive & aggressive: L. Salivarius, the "HERCULES" of all probiotics. Most formulas do not include this strain because it is the most difficult and expensive to produce. This strain changes the GI environment more rapidly than any other strain.

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Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) Supports
  • FOS is the food source necessary for good bacteria to grow and thrive
  • The mass multiplaction of good gut bacteria
  • The mass reduction of bad gut bacteria including yeast
  • Immunity and proper cellular growth
  • Healthy digestion and bowels, normal bowel movements
  • A virtually calorie-free addition of fiber into your diet
L. acidophilus Supports
  • Lactase production (enzyme that breaks down sugar in milk. Absent in lactose intolerant people.)
  • Healthy, normal bowel movements
  • Reduces overgrowth of digestive tract pathogens
  • Irritable, swollen bowels and bowel health
  • Irritable, swollen, bloated, achy stomach
  • Intake of nutrients , Syndrome, Crohn's disease, and gut dysbiosis.
  • Proper microbial balance in the body
  • Reduction of internal body yeast (including vaginal yeast)
  • Reduction of urinary tract issues
  • Immune response, respiratory tract, sinuses, bronchial tubes
B. bifidum Supports
  • Initial infant microflora
  • Immunity function
  • Fights yeast overgrowth
  • Swelling
  • Fights E. coli infections
  • Constant runny stools
  • Histamines
  • Stomach lining and acid
L. plantarum Supports
  • Irritable bowels
  • Intake of nutrients
  • Irritable, swollen, bloated, achy stomach
  • Stomach, bowel and colon health
  • Swelling
L. rhamnosus Supports
  • Killing of antibiotic resistant bacteria (including CRE)
  • Reduction of pathogenic bacteria
  • Reduction of respiratory and lung conditions
  • Fights cavity causing bacteria
  • Inhibits bad bacteria including clostridium difficile (C. Diff.)
  • Normal healthy stools
  • Inhibits swelling including the stomach, vagina, urinary tract, bowels 
L. salivarius "The Hercules Of All Probiotics" Supports
  • Strongest and fastest growing of all probiotics (AKA The Hercules of all probiotics)
  • Digestion of proteins
  • Oral hygine
  • Gut health by producing its own antibiotics that inhibit pathogenic bacteria
  • Swelling and the repiratory tract including strep throat (caused by S. pyogenes)
  • Fights cavity causing bacteria
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Fights yeast, E. coli, and Salmonella spp. overgrowth
  • Swelling of breasts and clogged milk ducts
  • Over acidity of colon, bowel irritation,
  • Specifically found in the colon, small intestines, vagina, mouth 
B. longum Supports
  • pH balance of gut and intestines
  • Liver, kidney, stomach, bowel and metabolic (fat reduction) function
  • Cholesterol and histamine levels
  • Present at birth (when natural birth and breastfeeding occurs), found mostly in the GI tract
  • Usually lacking in babies born Caesarean or fed formula (supplementation is highly recommended)
  • Plays a major roll in the development of the GI system for the rest of their life
  • Fermentation of sugars into lactic acid (this creates pH balance)
  • Found naturally in yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi
  • Immune system, defends against pathogens
  • Withstands stomach acid, bile and low pH while supporting irritable bowels
  • Mice study showed this probiotic reduced influenza and improved mortality
  • Reduction of swelling in lower respiratory tract and bowels
  • Improved digestion especially with lactoce intolerance
  • Healthy, normal stools 
S. thermophilus (the lesser-known probiotic that fights parasites) Supports
  • It can survive in high temperatures (thus its name "thermophilus")
  • The stimulation of carbohydrate decompositon in milk-based products
  • Immunity, irritated bowels, and GI health
  • Fights off parasites, viruses and fungi
  • Normal, healthy bowel movements including constant runny stools
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose,Vegetable Capsule, Calcium Laureate (calcium salt).




  • The Problem: Consuming meat, carbonated drinks, coffee, sugar & medication can destroy vital flora & deteriorate your GI tract. Aging & stress may destroy flora too. Babies born Caesarean or fed formula are usually lacking probiotics that naturally pass during vaginal birth and breastfeeding.*
  • The Solution: PROBIOTIC pHLORA delivers 7 strains of thermally stable (NO refrigeration required), colonizing (multiplying not cultured), friendly flora bacteria to support the GI system, immune system, antibodies, detoxification of the skin & systems, & symbiosis between harmful (parasitic) & friendly gut bacteria.*
  • Supports: See each probiotic above and what each one specifically supports.

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