Electromineral Cell Salts +C Box (30 sachets)

Electromineral Cell Salts +C Box
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Electromineral Cell Salts +C Box 30ct.

The Finest, Naturally Occurring, Elemental, Electrolyte Mineral & Vitamin C Supplement Powder.

7 PRODUCTS IN 1 (SEE BELOW). Aluminum free, vegan, alkaline producing, perfectly proportioned, refreshing, zesty, lemony-tasting electrolyte remineralizer. Minerals are specific nutrients your body requires to function properly. 2 servings a day for adults (1 serving a day for children under 90 lbs.) supports:

  • 1. IMMUNITY - 600mg of Vitamin C supports the immune system, head pressure, and blood pressure. Better and cheaper than Emergen-C.
  • 2. WEIGHT LOSS & APPETITE SUPPRESSANT - Potassium speeds up the metabolism. Vitamin C helps oxidize 30% more fat during exercise than people with low vitamin C levels. When you get hunger pangs between meals they can be calmed down by being properly hydrated. Consuming this product is more effective to achieve your weight loss goals versus eating unhealthy snacks between meals.
  • 3. ENERGY & CELL HEALTH- 3,070mg of combined electrolyte minerals enhance energy naturally without caffeine. If you suffer from low energy, fatigue or disease try this product now. Better and cheaper than dangerous energy drinks.
  • 4. HYDRATION & OXYGENATION - instant and ongoing electrolyte and mineralization replenishment. Better and cheaper than Gatorade and coconut water.
  • 5. POST WORK OUT RECOVERY & PREMENOPAUSE SUPPORT - 3,070mg of combined electrolyte minerals replace vital, key electrolytes lost through perspiration. Better and cheaper than Gatorade.
  • 6. MUSCLES, JOINTS, BONES, ORGANS, CELLS (muscle cramps, gout) - cells, tissues, organs and systems require, uptake and store these 4 vital, high quality, salt minerals & electrolytes. They are needed for your body to function properly. Better and cheaper than Gatorade.
  • 7. pH BALANCE, ACID BURPING - 1,320mg of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) delivers superior alkalinity / pH balance. If you suffer from acid burping, heartburn or gut issues after eating buy this product now, don't be in pain another day. Better and cheaper than unhealthy antacids.
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    INGREDIENTS: Calcium (Calcium Ascorbate) Electrolyte Mineral, Magnesium (Magnesium Bisglycinate) Electrolyte Mineral, Sodium (Sodium Bicarbonate - AKA alkaline Baking Soda) Electrolyte Mineral, Potassium (Potassium Citrate) Electrolyte Mineral, Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate, Buffered, Time Released), Citric Acid (from citrus), Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Acacia Gum (dietary fiber from acacia tree), & Organic Stevia Leaf Extract. Note: Minerals cannot be classified as organic. Tap INGREDIENTS & COMPARISON CHART below or tap ADD TO CART to try it now.

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